DIY Tips To Improve AC Performance

    Ac performance

    In the scrunching heat, the only thing that offers you solace is your air conditioner. Howbeit, sometimes the summers are crueler than expected. That is when even the functionality of your air conditioning appliance gets affected.

    Many people get baffled in such a situation and think that their air conditioner has started malfunctioning. They hit their wits' end thinking why their air conditioner is not functioning the way they want it to be; even though they are technically sound. Little do they know that they can take a few steps to optimize their AC performance to a great extent.

    Therefore, for your assistance, we have accumulated some DIY tips you can consider if you want your air conditioner to offer you the best of what it can. You can follow this advice or hire an Air Conditioning Repair Service and see a considerable upheaval in the performance of your AC.

    7 DIY Tips to Boost Your AC Performance

    So, here are some DIY tips you may want to consult before labeling your air conditioner inefficient. These tips have provenly increased the efficiency of the air conditioners and made summers a little more tolerable.


    You cannot expect your air conditioner to work properly if its condenser is full of debris. Ensure proper cleanliness of your outdoor condenser unit in order to optimize the functionality of your AC. Moreover, the indoor vents need to stay unblocked if you want the AC to perform in its fullest manner. You can vacuum the dust & debris away from the vents to allow a steady airflow.


    Do not make your air conditioner work harder without any reason. Keep the heat-inducing appliances away from the thermostat because they will give a false signal to the AC that it needs to work more. In this way, it will wear out soon doing a lot of effort without any substantial reason.


    Make sure that the ductwork is properly insulated. A lot of people go through this issue where the uninsulated ductwork becomes a cause behind the inefficient working of your air conditioner. So, keep a scrutinizing eye over the foolproof insulation of the ductwork around the unconditioned space and insulate every loophole. You can fix the leaks in the ductwork with the help of UL-181 rated duct-sealing tape.


    Windows are a bridge between the indoors and outdoors of a place. Consequently, they can be a big source of heat induction in space. It is highly recommended to keep your windows close and covered with curtains and blinds if you want to minimize the heat exposure in your place. Keeping your windows covered with a curtain will allow no chilled air to escape from the room and no heated outdoor air to peek inside.


    Most of the time, the only reason why your air conditioner is not functioning properly is because of the air leaks. No matter how well your air conditioner performs, if its air sneaks out, it will not function properly. Therefore, pay great attention to find the air leaks in the ductwork and the room. Make sure doors and windows are properly closed, ductwork is insulated perfectly, and that there are no holes or cracks in the structure of the air-conditioned space that can lead the air to escape out.


    One great tip to increase the efficiency of your air conditioners and beat the heat of this summer of 2020 is to use fans along with air conditioners to proliferate its efficiency. The fan will be able to circulate the air in the space more efficiently than AC itself. So, the spreading process speeds up and the rooms get cooled down more swiftly and efficiently. If your home has a second floor or a complicated structure, fans can be more pertinent to help you circulate the chilled air evenly.


    Another efficient tip to improve your AC performance is to shade the outside condenser. The outside condenser is directly exposed to the brutal summer heat. Therefore, shading the outside condenser will create a defense against direct exposure. Providing shade to the outside condenser will safeguard its condition from wear & tear and help the condenser work more easily without any strain.

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    If you follow these tips, we assure you that you can easily boost up your AC performance to a considerable extent. Sometimes, all your AC needs are little assistance and caution to work fabulously. Hence, no need to fret over the inefficiency of your AC anymore when you can easily aid it to perform better than ever! Let us know if these tips helped. Good Luck!

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