10 Home Safety Tips which make your life easy!

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    According to a recent report by the FBI, more than 3,300 burglaries occur every day in the USA. That accounts for a burglar strike every 25.7 seconds, and two burglaries each minute!

    This is the reason you need to take precautionary measures to keep your home safe.  A burglar will be waiting for a home with fragile security and that is surely enough to make their day.  It’s up to you whether you give them that opportunity or not!

    Unfortunately, most homeowners do not pay attention to simple home safety tips that can help them a lot.  Well, better late than never.  So, don’t be dishearten, read the following simple yet effective home safety tips and tricks to make your life easy!  

    1. Install A Steadfast Home Security System 

    Installation of a proactive home security system is the best defense for your home.  The security systems come with easy-to-use features, smart access, connectivity, and different budgets. You can contact any of the local companies to get a customized security system according to your requirements, budget, and preferences.  

    Only installation is not enough, it's important to activate it and keep monitoring it at your convenience! Even, the presence of a CCTV camera helps you avoid plenty of security issues!  

    2. Considering Changing Your Locks When Essential  

    When you move to a new place, then changing the locks should be the first thing to be on the to-do list.  As the previous residents have the keys, the owner has the keys. So, there is no surety of security and privacy.  

    Therefore, it's better to change the locks, after moving in, after losing your keys, or in case of any doubt or risk that can lead to a burglary!  

    3. Don’t Forget To Lock Your Doors & Windows  

    It is very important to lock your doors and windows properly after leaving the home or going to bed.  You can set a reminder if you keep forgetting it frequently.

    However, if you are away and forgot to lock your doors, then you can lock them remotely with your smartphone as well.  

    4. Keep Checking the Locks  

    Your locks need to be maintained well like any other device.  So, keep checking the locks, keep them clean.

    Moreover, use the right kind of lock for each door. For instance, use deadbolt locks for outer doors. Similarly, install suitable locks for the garage doors, sliding doors, etc. to secure them from any hazard!  

    5. Diminish Shrubbery

    The first thing burglars look for in a home is a place to hide.  Large bushes, outspread tree branches, especially, near the windows and roof serve brilliantly for this purpose. 

    So, it's better to reduce shrubbery and keep trimming the trees to keep everything clear and safe of course!  

    6. Smart Lights  

    Home automation has helped homeowners not only to perform certain functions with ease but also reduce the chances of burglary! For example, using mouton-sensitive lights in the dark areas of your lawn and yard will inform you about every single step taken there!  

    Besides, turn on the exterior lights when the sun sets, makes it obvious that homeowners are in the home. Beware, intruders!  

    7. Never Show That the House Is Vacant 

    Making your home feel occupied, even when you are away keeps the burglars away as well.  

    To bring your strategy into action, keep the exterior lights on at night, and turn them off with a timer in the morning.  

    8. Secure Outdoor Wires  

    It’s essential to secure the outdoor wires such as telephonic and electrical wires. Because the thieves will cut these wires in the first place to deactivate the security systems. It’s better to keep the wiring underground!  

    9. Secure Your Garage  

    Park your car in the garage so, the intruder wouldn’t know if you are home or not. Lock your garage door properly as it has an entrance to your home.  

    Get your garage door repaired ASAP in case of any fault. Besides, use the right kind of lock to keep it optimally secured!  

    10. Stop Your Mail Delivery

    Mails accumulated in the mailbox is an evident sign that no one is home.  So, if you are going out, then it's better to stop your mail delivery. Or you can ask any neighbor to pick you up.  

    Winding It Up  

    In a nutshell, the FBI report is telling us very clearly that your home can be robbed any time if you will not take precautionary measures to keep it safe. All of the above-mentioned tips are simple, convenient, and helpful.

    So, be active, don’t forget to lock the doors and windows, get a steadfast security system installed in your home. Change your locks when necessary and use suitable kinds of locks for the different doors. And never show that you are not home! Good luck!  

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