5 Must-Known Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

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    Buying a new home is a costly project which gives you a feeling of excitement. A new roof for your family is the most important step in investing. After buying a new home the next responsibility of the homeowner is to take a look and begin a deep inspection of their home plumbing system. Most of the homeowners do not know about their new home plumbing system. Getting in contact with a professional plumber is the only solution to your problem. 

    Improving the plumbing system of your home will cost you a lot if you try DIY. Problems in the plumbing system will bring damage to your house's foundation, wall, and attic spaces. For example, imagine the next day you woke up and found your basement filled with water, damaging walls and allowing mold and mildew to grow, and your old books and family portraits also get damaged. Then this is not any kind of nightmare, this is the result of some broken or leaking pipe of your plumbing system. 

    In order to lessen these plumbing issues and prevent your property from any damage, you must consider some professional plumbing services & follow some plumbing maintenance tips for best possible outcomes. The most important plumbing tips for homeowners are:

    • Find the main valve of the water
    • Don't do tight fittings
    • Keeping your drains unclog and garbage-free
    • Inspecting your water appliances regularly
    • Getting the help of professional plumbers

    1.   Find The Main Valve of The Water

    Before starting any plumbing work at your home, one of the most helpful plumbing tips for homeowners would be to locate the main valve of your home water system. Shutting off your main water valve will give you plenty of time in emergencies. Knowing the main water valve will bring you ease when doing plumbing maintenance. Finding the location of your drain and sewer access is a tough thing. These are mainly located inside or outside of the home.

    You must also know that your home must not have its shut-off valves. Having all this necessary information will save your time and lower your stress during plumbing work. 

    2.   Don't Do Tighten Fittings

    The most common mistake which is usually made by a lot of homeowners is DIY plumbing works. Plumbing works require specific tools and experience to get it done. DIY will lead you to improper fitting and damaged or broken bolts. A team of professional plumbers uses all necessary types of equipment to handle the job with great care and efficiency. 

    3.   Keeping Your Drains Unclog and Garbage-Free

    While discussing plumbing tips for homeowners the major issue which is faced is the clogging of the drain. This clogging of drain usually occurs:

    • Throwing garbage in the drain
    • Unnecessary things in the drain
    • Disposing of coffee grounds
    • Throwing blades in the sink

    The most important plumbing tip for homeowners is to maintain proper cleaning of their drains and sinks with time. Cleaning your drain by using drain cleaners can cause serious damage to your pipes. Using a drain or sink plunger is highly recommended to remove debris from it. 

    4.   Inspecting Your Water Appliances Regularly

    Inspecting your water appliances will help in running a proper water system. Hiring the services of a professional plumber is the best solution for your appliance’s inspection and is included among the plumbing tips for homeowners. They will conduct a complete checklist of it. This checklist will indicate which appliance is working properly and which needs to be replaced or repaired. Also, a dirty and bacterial water supply can cause damage to your health. The water appliances which must be inspected regularly are:

    • Water filtration system
    • Tankless water heater
    • Washing machines
    • Pressure washer
    • Electric water boiler

    Giving a monthly or yearly checkup to your appliances will make them work perfectly. As a result, different types of sediments can form inside these things if not maintained properly. These sediments are usually a mixture of sand and debris. Proper cleaning can make them work efficiently, and increase the life of your water appliances. 

    5.   Getting The Help of Professional Plumbers

    Handling a plumbing job is not a DIY. A lot of gadgets and time are required to sort out the plumbing problems. Handling simple and easy plumbing work can be done by a homeowner itself, but in most cases, the homeowners do difficult plumbing works which causes them a lot of costs to get repaired. 

    Hiring service from a professional team of plumbers is recommended for your plumbing works and is among some best plumbing maintenance tips. These professionals are highly trained and well-equipped. They also use all precautionary measures to complete the job in a specified time. A professional plumber simply visits your home, locates the plumbing problem, makes a complete job report (including time and cost), and gives you better plumbing ideas. 

    Before hiring a professional plumber, one of the best plumbing tips for homeowners would be to ask your friends, neighbors, or make an internet search you may search for a local plumber on some well-reputed directory such as the CityLocal Pro. These professionals are certified and registered by the state's department. Getting services from an insured professional will help you in damage claims to your belongings during the plumbing job.


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