6 best flooring options for your pets

    Best Flooring for pets

    Pets owners have to choose a floor that suits their lifestyle. The presence of a pet requires a certain type of environment where they can feel comfortable living with you. Most of the time people ignore the fact that how important is the ambiance for a pet is if they have one. Pets are very sensitive and undermining their instinctive needs like scratching, might drive your pets crazy. You must choose wisely when remodeling your home. You can also ask remodelers you have hired because they have better experience and knowledge. For example, the cats love to scratch floors and ground, and no matter what you do they’ll still be satisfied only when they scratch your floor. If you want to make a wise choice regarding floors then the best flooring companies can help.

    Waterproof and scratch-resistant materials

    The flooring idea mostly starts with the style but for the pet lovers, it is mostly a need-based selection. The food often spills of and managing their waste is very challenging. The right material has to be waterproof and it should be scratch resistant. Well, a waterproof and enhanced quality material may be easy to find but scratch resistant probably not. You can find these qualities in solid flooring options. So, select something that both will be comfortable with.

    Tiles and stones are good options

    This can be called a universal best selection for any type of pet that you might have. Tiles and stones are waterproof, highly scratch-resistant, and very easy to clean. These are the top qualities demanded by pet lovers. With a wide range of varieties, you can make a perfect ambiance that suits you both. There’s also a drawback with this solid flooring, that it can be cold underfoot due to excessively cold weather.

    Cork flooring for better health

    Whenever there are pets they cause a certain type of mess around them. The frequent spilling can cause an irregular growth of bacteria and mold. Well, if your pet is prone to do such mischiefs the cork flooring can be the best solution for you. It not only has microbial properties but it is a soundproof material as well. Now your sleep can’t be disturbed when your pet runs inside the home. They are lesser scratch-resistant as compared to stones and tiles.

    Bamboo flooring

    The bamboo flooring options are best suited to the environment where you have a higher risk of scratches and stains. This quality makes them an ideal choice for families with pets. They add a glamorous look to your cozy environment. But you need to be careful because bamboo flooring can vary in quality greatly.

    The vinyl flooring for pet lovers

    If you are looking for the best fit for your animals and economical flooring then this is your material. They come in a variety of styles that can fit any environment very easily. They are scratch and water-resistant above all they are very durable. There’s a small drawback though, they don’t have much resale value if you decide to sell them one day. It is still an accepted fact as compared to its benefits.

    Choose hardwood for better water resistance

    Hardwood or the engineered wood offers better water-resistant qualities as compared to other wood flooring types. Still, you need to be careful while selecting it because it doesn’t offer enhanced scratch-resistant qualities like other materials but it does have a better resale value. Not all animals scratch the floor and if it fits your needs then you can select this one.

    Animals always make a great addition to your family, especially with the kids. An inadequate environment for your pets can make them restless. If they are prone to the habit of scratching, then you need appropriate flooring so it doesn’t hurt you when they do so. The above options can be selected according to your need.

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