7 Must-Have Plumbing Tools for Homeowners

    image of some plumbing tools

    If you are a homeowner, or you have just renovated your home then you should have 7 basic plumbing tools that can save your 10 percent water bills and the cost of plumbing as well. These are the must have plumbing tools for homeowners which can be used easily. In this regard, everyone should have the tools that are mentioned below. On what occasion these can help and what are their benefits, all these things are described below. 

    1.Plunger to Remove the Clogged Toilet 

    These plungers are useful when you have a stopped-up latrine, however, did you realize these can be utilized for an obstructed shower channel? Yes, it can resolve all these types of obstacles in the way of water. It is a reasonable apparatus that will assist you with escaping some minor pipe issues! In this regard, these are essential for the homeowners. 

    2.Drain snake for better drainage system 

     If your kitchen sink is not working properly owing to drainage issues then it is time for you to get a drain snake. It can remove hair and other little pieces from the plumbing pipes. This tool can be used by professional plumbers and homeowners as well. Hence, this small tool can help you a lot to resolve the drainage issues in your kitchen. 

    3.Pipes and basin wrenches 

    Wrenches, especially those which are adjustable, are an important tool for homeowners. This tool can solve many problems related to plumbing. Further, there are two kinds of wrenches, one is the pipe wrenches and the other is called basin wrenches. First, pipe wrenches are the wrenches that are used to tighten the pipes. These are the pipes that are adjustable and often used for heavy tasks. Second, basin wrenches are used to tighten the valves and other such nuts. 

    4.Rubber gloves for plumbing work 

    In the list of must - have plumbing tools, the rubber gloves cannot be neglected as these are essential to save your hands, wrists, and arms from sharp edges. Further, these gloves are inevitable for the cleanliness of the hands while performing plumbing tasks. However, many people do not focus on gloves and as a result they face injuries on their hands while doing the plumbing task. 

    5.Slip joint pliers for small objects 

    There are tools like slip joint pliers which can help you to pick the small things from the bottom of your sink. If you have lost your ring or any other small object in the sink then you can use this little tool. This instrument gives accessibility to grab the little objects. 

    6.String Seal Tape 

    String seal tape is likewise known as PTFE tape, handyman's tape, or Teflon tape. In case you have a broken line, consider utilizing string seal tape to briefly fix the break to keep away from additional water harm. Sometimes, string seal tape can be utilized to tackle the issue. Family holes can cause harm and increment service charges, as well as prompt water, squander. The normal family squanders 180 gallons each week from family spills as per the EPA. Consider the string seal tape in your pipes tool stash for resolving this issue.

    7.A tape measure is also a necessary tool 

    In the list of tools for a plumber and homeowner as well, there is a tape measure. It is a very common and basic instrument but very essential for adequate measurement. Think for a while, your plumbing pipe has broken and you have to measure its length. If your measurement is wrong then it means that it can enlarge your repairing process. In this context, for exact measurement, you have to have a tape measure. This instrument can also help you in the other repairing tasks of a home. Hence, this simple tool should be in every home and if you follow our list of must have plumbing tools you will be absolutely good to go.

    In a nutshell 

    These are the small tools that are essential for small plumbing tasks and should be included in the list of must-have plumbing tools. In the context of plumbing, these aforementioned tools can decrease your water bill, if anything unusual happens, and these can make your repair easy. Plungers, drain snakes, wrenches, rubber gloves, slip joint pliers, seal tape, and tape measure are the basic and simple tools but all these serve a lot when it is needed.

    For example, if there happens a leakage in any pipe then you can use seal tape. As a result, it will decrease your water bill.

    Further, some wrenches can give you help to tighten the pipes and other nuts. Gloves, save you from sharp edges and injuries. Moreover, if the drainage system of the sinks is not working properly then it means you need a drain snake. In short, all these tools are popular among professional plumbers and are imperative for homeowners to perform basic plumbing tasks.

     As a result, if you want to save money and want to perform your plumbing tasks by yourself then you can purchase these simple gadgets. 


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