How To Install A Window AC Unit In A Horizontal Sliding Window

    How To Install A Window AC Unit In A Horizontal Sliding Window

    The heat of summer can become unbearable if it exceeds and an air conditioner is a perfect solution to keep it under control. The market is full of air conditioner models and they perform perfectly under the right conditions. If you are having issues with your AC that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s an issue with it. Because in most cases an air conditioner is just selected without even understanding the requirements. Every model needs a different installation technique and a different toolkit, and if you want to mount window air conditioner in sliding window you can use the following simple steps to do it.

    Block the sliding window

    Before you rush to install your window AC it is necessary to secure the place for installation. The sliding window poses a threat to anything that you intend to place inside. If the window is not blocked to restrict its movements it can damage your unit quite easily. Some windows come with a lock that can be used to block their movements and if not, then you need to find a way to block it. If you truly want to know how to install a window ac unit in a horizontal sliding window, then this is the very first step towards it.

    Measure your AC and the window

    The measurements play a key role in the installation of the window AC. Measuring the window is quite important because it has to be prepared for the AC installation. Take the measuring tape and measure the width and height of the window and then correlate it with the dimensions of the AC. When you are ready try to mount the window air conditioner in the sliding window gently and it must be able to fit inside the window nicely. Once you have created the general idea it is time to move on to the next stage. Remember if there isn’t much space in the window, then pushing the unit unnecessarily will only cause damage. 

    Create a frame to hold the AC

    Fitting an air conditioner in a sliding window can be challenging because you need to find a balance for a good installation. The window AC can’t be installed directly in the window because the sliding channels would prevent a smooth installation. Ideally, a frame must be created where your unit can sit nicely. If you can’t create it yourself, then it can be purchased from the market. You’d just need to have the exact measurements of the AC and window to find a good frame.

    Fix the AC inside the frame

    The frame to fix the AC during installation must be of exact measures, otherwise, it will not fit properly in the frame. The movements during operations can affect the overall performance as well. It can also become risky because it can drop outside the frame if it is not fixed. Since it is heavy it can damage the floor or hurt anyone close by. So, before you mount window air conditioner in sliding window make sure the fame has grips to ensure zero movements. Hiring an expert is another option if you can’t do it yourself.

    Cover up the opened space

    Let's proceed to the very important step of this guide on how to install a window AC unit in a horizontal sliding window. Now that you have prepared the stand for the unit it is time to think about covering up the remaining opened space. You have to cover up the space above the AC because the cooled air can escape easily through it and your ambiance will not improve at all. There are different ideas to do that and if you are a little low on the budget you can simply use the paperboard to cover up the opened space. So, as you mount window air conditioner in sliding window use duct tape to install the paper board to seal it up. You can also use plastic sheets to do it.

    Install the window AC

    When everything is ready it is time to practically mount window air conditioner in sliding window and fit it in the frame. Make sure all the edges sit nicely in the frame for maximum stability otherwise it can affect the performance. When ready do a test run and see how everything works. if it feels alright, then you are all set. 

    The installation of an AC unit can become difficult if you don’t follow the steps precisely. If it is complicated for you, then you can hire an expert to mount window air conditioner in sliding window for you. It is true that the steps above show perfectly how to install a window ac unit in a horizontal sliding window. However, every situation is different and if a few variables change, then you might need to change your plan as well.

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