12 Best Bathroom Paint Colors For Elegant Look

    bathroom paint color ideas

    No matter how petite or spa-like, a bathroom is a place where you can experiment with colorful tiles and shades. A bathroom is your perfect relaxing spot. So, when it comes to redecorating your bathroom, one important decision you’ll make is choosing the right paint color. Any designer can confirm that paint can transform the entire look of an interior. Therefore, you must choose a bathroom paint color that not only looks aesthetic but also boosts your mood.

    There is a wide range of paint colors available, choosing the perfect paint color for your bathroom can be overwhelming. Colors can have a huge impact on our moods so you must infuse your bathroom with delightful colors. For instance, colors inspired by nature, like soothing blue or lively green. Other than that, you can go for subtle colors like beige.

    How to Choose The Best Bathroom Paint Color?

    Whether you’re planning to redecorate or do a bold renovation of your space, there are a few things you must consider. You must choose the right bathroom paint colors that lift the overall appearance. You can select bright colors and shades like yellow or green if you have a small bathroom. Brighter colors reflect natural light and make your bathroom appear spacious, open, and larger than its actual size.

    Whereas, if you have a large bathroom that lacks the feel of coziness in it, go for warmer colors. Warm colors richly reflect nature. They make space appear warmer and cozier. For instance, red, orange, gold, ivory, and brown can create the desired effect. It’ll make your room look lavish.

    Bathroom paint ideas

    Here are some bathroom paint ideas that will inspire you to create a beautiful, relaxing, and aesthetic bathroom environment. They can help narrow your research and add to your inspiration list as well.

    1. Stone Blue

    Stone blue can be a perfect pick for your bathroom paint color. It is a watery blue tone that goes well with almost every bathroom style. If you want your bathroom to feel bright, clean, and fresh, this color can help you achieve it. Another good thing about this shade of blue is that it complements both warm metallic and light wood accessories.

    Moreover, you might think that it is a bold choice for your master bath or all the walls of a bathroom. But it is one of the best bathroom paint colors for cabinets or a smaller powder room.

    2. Warm Grey

    You may think that tones of grey are a typical choice of every household. However, if you choose warm grey paint for the bathroom, you’ll know why people still chose it. Neutral colors are still the most preferred colors for a bathroom. 

    This shade of grey pairs well with every type of furniture. As a result, you’ll have the flexibility to invest in different colors of accessories such as towels.

    3. Clean White

    This is a go-to paint color choice when redecorating your bathroom. It is a clean white paint with no yellow undertones. With this color, you can pair both historic as well as modern styles. For instance, you can add high-gloss super white for doors. Other than that, you can add some other colors to create a contrast and pop of colors.

    Additionally, adding large mirrors on the sidings can make your space look larger. Choose this color if you want a clean and fresh look.

    4. Brown

    Brown is yet another popular color choice that gives a natural and earthy look to your bathroom. If you want warm-toned shades, brown can be a good pick. Warm colors generate the feeling of warmth as they remind you of fire or sun. 

    Besides, dark brown gives a dramatic feel, the medium brown tone is soothing, while light brown gives a neutral touch. You can also add contrasting colors with it like beige, cream, soft blue, and many more. This color helps to create a warm and cozy effect.

    5. Black

    As many would suggest, black is bold yet beautiful. It represents power and authority. These days, black is a common choice for painting walls of the interior as well as the bathroom. The best thing about this color is that it goes well with almost everything. From neutrals to bright, and metallic, this color is perfect for all.

    Moreover, you can do a lot with this color. Add creative ideas, pick modern furniture, or stick to the traditional style. It also makes your space look large and clean. Adding black color to your bathroom walls is a good choice for a change.

    6. Peachy Pink

    This can be a common choice for teenagers. However, adults also prefer it. The peachy-pink tones make your bathroom seem spacious, big, and open. Some might think that pink is a girlish color but the peach hues balance it out, making it perfect for both genders.

    This color gives a perfect finish to your walls and enhances your storage areas. Additionally, yellow lights go well with this tone giving a fresh look. Other than that, this soft color gives a comforting and charming vibe. 

    7. Pistachio 

    It is a pale yellow-green color just like the pistachio nut. The color pistachio gives a fresh and vibrant vibe to your space. It creates a cool and cozy environment. Pistachio is a tone of green that symbolizes nature and freshness. This color can provide natural heat to the room.

    However, contrasting it with splashes of yellow and green over the windows, towels, and floor tiles can create the best look. Other than that, it goes well with shades of brown such as light wood and dark chocolate.

    8. Cerulean 

    Cerulean is an aqua and sky-inspired color. It comes from a range of colors such as teal-blue, sky-blue, bright-blue, or cyan. This shade gives a cooling, modern, and bold effect to the environment. If you want to have a beach or pool vibe to your space, this is the best choice. It will give you the feeling of lapping waves and the cloudy sky.

    Moreover, it can also add a modern touch to your new bathroom. Contrasting it with deep yellow and crimson colors can create the perfect vibe.

    9. Off-white 

    If you want to bring a change to your space without overpowering it, use off-white paint color. It is both classic and timeless. Off-white is slightly different than white. It adds warmth to your bathroom and gives a clean and organized look. Moreover, if you want to get creative with decor and style, it serves as the perfect base color.

    You can add a splash of colors, dramatic furniture, or even wallpaper. Adding wallpaper on one wall enhances the overall look of your bathroom. This color emits warmth and leaves a softer and gentle impression. This is one of the most preferred bathroom paint ideas.

    10. Greige 

    Greige is a typical yet timeless bathroom paint color. It is good for lightning and gives a clean look. Moreover, if you want to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, this color will help you achieve it. This color works well with darker tones as well as lighter tones.

    For instance, adding darker stone tiles, textures, or accessories will create an incredible change. Greige is a versatile color that is perfect for every kind.

    11. Charcoal 

    Charcoal is a versatile color that is a mix of grey, black, and navy blue. It is also similar to graphite. If you’re planning to redecorate your bathroom and want to bring about a huge change, this color is what you need. Adding a dose of charcoal paint color can bring noticeable changes. As a result, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on ensuring a change.

    Moreover, charcoal perfectly compliments bright whites, warm citrus hues, and pinks. So if you want to highlight your light fixtures, art, or the accessories of your bathroom, go for this color.

    12. Taupe 

    This is an intermediate shade between dark brown and grey. Taupe is a warm and versatile color that offers great flexibility. When it comes to selecting taupe, it serves as an amazing base color. If you want to blend modern and traditional themes in your new bath, this paint color is your best pick. 

    Additionally, this color pairs well with natural accessories like stones and plants. Other than that, you can add accessories that feature olive tints, cream, pink, soft yellow, or ivory colors.


    Your bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with colorful tiles and radiant shades. When you’re planning to remodel your home, choosing the right bathroom paint color is a crucial decision. There are plenty of colors available and you have to choose the perfect one for you. The right color can enhance the look of your space while it can also make it dull and boring.

    Therefore, you must choose a color that looks attractive and enhances the appearance of your space. A bathroom is typically where you start and end your days. So you must smartly pick a color that boosts mood, and makes your space cozier and refreshing. In conclusion, make sure to create a comfortable and stylish bathroom environment with the best color. In case you need affordable painting contractors, you can search for them on CityLocal Pro's business directory.


    Why is my bathroom paint peeling?

    When the bathroom paint starts peeling and looking old before its warranty time, various factors play a role. Some of the major factors are when the surface has not been cleaned or primed properly. Moreover, it is also possible that the paint did not dry properly between coats and causes severe cracking. Maybe the bargain brand you used to paint was not of good quality. 

    The poor quality paints are less adhesive and flexible and therefore are prone to peeling. Additionally, the bathroom’s moisture can impair the paint’s adhesive property and it starts to crack.

    Can bathroom paint be used in the kitchen?

    There is no such thing as a different specific bathroom and kitchen paint. The only difference between them or other types of paint is that of moisture resistance. The kitchen and bathroom paints are marketed only as paints to be used in these rooms. They have some advantages over standard emulsion paints and have been formulated to address many issues found with using standard emulsion. 

    However, according to the Dulux website, the only difference is that the bathroom paint is moisture and steam resistant and protected against mold. Whereas kitchen paint is grease resistant.

    How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?

    You can transform your small bathroom with some simple changes. These changes would instantly add sophistication and style to your bathroom and hence making it luxurious. You can add some warmth to the bathroom by installing something impactful like a wooden bath tray or timber shutters. Moreover, you can refresh your tiles by painting them. 

    To make your small space more open you can add floating vanity which also looks elegant. Small bathrooms can also give you spa-like feelings by having dimmer lights. It softens the feel of the room and enhances its overall look.

    What color to paint a small bathroom to make it look bigger?

    Sometimes physical limitations prevent many bathrooms from expanding. Hence, you can paint your small bathroom to make it look bigger with some specific colors. Use bright paint colors to make your bathroom seem larger. The more reflective walls are those which are light and brightly colored.

    Moreover, light colors help augment the walls and enhance the effect of natural light. Here are some small bathroom paint colors that will certainly make your bathroom feel bigger. Pearl Gray, Pink, Yellow, Cream, and Aqua are the finest and best colors that will improve the way your bathroom looks. 

    How to paint bathroom cabinets?

    To paint the cabinets you should consider certain factors that will help you to paint the cabinets easily. First, you must remove the cabinets and prepare the area, this way the task will be much easier and paint will not overlap on walls or spill on the floor. 

    Take the cabinet doors out if you can not take out the whole cabinet. Second, clean the cabinets from outside to remove any grease. With a help of a putty knife, inspect and repair any damage. Apply the primer and afterward the first and second coat of paint. Instead of painting it yourself, it is recommended to take help from bathroom remodeling professionals.

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