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When it comes to home remodeling, We all know that bathroom remodel has significant importance. Finding contractors for bathroom remodeling in Charlottesville VA, should not be a problem for you now. CityLocal Pro has gathered all the reliable bathroom renovation contractors on one page. The time and hassle have been reduced to almost zero for you. All these bathroom remodelers are experienced as they are working for a long time, so no question on their quality is ever raised. Moreover, they work with the best teams to ensure that every customer receives their desired service. Pricing is also a convincing factor for some bath remodeling service providers as they focus on client satisfaction quite seriously. Past customer reviews are also posted there for potential customers to read to form an idea about the service before hiring it. Read the reviews first and then hire the one who suits your standards.


Q1: How much does it cost to renovate a small bathroom in Virginia?

If we take the average, a complete bath remodeling service, entailing tearing out nearly everything in the room and replacing it with a new toilet, sink, tub, shower, tile, light fixtures, and electrical outlets, among other things, would cost anywhere around $7,000 - $17,000. Bathroom remodeling in Charlottesville VA is not that cheap as the national rate stands at $70 per square foot for low-end fixtures with DIY labor and up to $250 per square foot for high-end fixtures installed by a licensed bathroom remodeler. Bathroom remodeling contractors can give you the right quote only when you tell them what changes to make, i.e., refinish the bathtub, or reinstall the tiles, etc. These are the factors that make it pricier. Branded faucets and showers can add more charge and less value to the renovation plan to make it look expensive. Also, if a partial renovation and a full bathroom renovation may also differ in the cost.

Q2: How long should a bathroom remodel take?

The time a bathroom remodeling in Charlottesville VA may take depends on how efficient bathroom remodelers are hired to do the job but, a typical small bath remodeling service takes around 20 days to complete. The breakdown of the whole plan starts with the demolition (2 to 3 days). Then it is followed by carpentry (2 days), then plumbing (2 days). After the plumbing is done, the electrical work is done (1 or 1.5 days). After the first inspection, the next day as electric wires are laid, the insulation work follows (1 day). Then the paint job (1 day), final inspection (1 day), tile work (2 days), cabinets (1 day), flooring (2 days), and lastly the fixtures (1 day). In this list, we might draw a provision of 2 to 3 days that might get wasted due to any reason. Bathroom remodeling contractors give in their full effort to finish the job as early as possible.