10 Proven Tips That Will Help You Score Positive Customer Reviews

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    Online reviews from your customers are very influential and can help you increase your sales more than using other marketing tools such as paid ads. But when it comes to getting positive customer reviews, it becomes hard to get them.

    When customers search for a product, they always consider taking recommendations by asking from friends, reading reviews from previous customers, or searching for a reliable app where they can get quality products or desired services. We all know that this is an era of online shopping and all sales of businesses depend on positive business reviews through which they can build trust with their potential customers. So, it is important to get positive reviews from your customers.

    But the question is, how to get positive online reviews that can help boost our business online and we can get more potential customers.

    Here are 10 proven tips that will help you score positive customer reviews and encourage customers to shop from your business site.

    1. Ask For A Review

    Many business owners do not bother to ask for a review after delivering services which is a surprising this as many business owners do think to get reviews from their potential customer. So, if you are a business owner, it is important to communicate this thing with all your departments within your business. Especially discuss this point with your client-facing roles to ask for reviews from customers after serving them. This will help to score more positive business reviews about your company.

    2. Educate Your Potential Customers About Process Of Leaving A Review

    It is also an important and proven tip to consider when it comes to scoring positive online reviews about the services. You need to educate your customers about the process of leaving a review after services. Such as you can create a blog page or post on your website with instructions that how customers can leave a review on the Google section. Many people do not give a review of the services as they feel it as a barrier because they simply do not have any idea how to leave a review.

    3. Personalize Review Experience

    When you send a personal email to your customers asking them about the experience can also make a huge difference in the world. It may take some time to craft personal emails, but the conversion rate can be worthy. So, you need to personalize review experience for your customers as it can also help you score more positive customer reviews.

    4. Make The Process As Simple As Possible

    Sometimes customers find it hard to write a review about the product or service as they find it complex and difficult. So, as mentioned above, you need to simplify the process by giving instructions to the customers. You can use bullet points for instructions or simply copy instructions from Google and paste them on your site as it will be beneficial for you as well.

    5. Use Third-Party Tools

    Being a business owner, whether you operate a franchise or operate several locations across the country, it can be hard for you to manage reviews as it can be a time-consuming thing. So, you can make your process simple by utilizing third-party tools such as Whitespark or any other SEO agency that can provide this service for you.

    6. Use Multiple Touch Points

    You can also mention in instructions in comments to leave reviews on social media platforms such as Facebook or any other platform that you have provided on the website. You can also ask your customers in-store and remind them about leaving a review when they make a call. No matter what touchpoints you are using for the customers to reach out to you, make sure that they are asked kindly for providing feedback.

    7. Offer Different Incentives

    While it can be against the review policy to ask for reviews or create specific stations for reviews, but still it can be helpful to achieve the target and score positive customer reviews. You just need to make the process tasteful and interesting. You can offer some discounts or coupons on different occasions for a review whether it is good or bad. It can help you scoring more fresh reviews coming to your business.

    8. Give Response To Reviews

    It is also another important tip to consider when you are looking for ways to score more positive customer reviews for your business. You should continuously respond to the reviews given by customers. Because whenever a customer sees that the business owner gives feedback and responses about the review, they will be more inclined and eventually share more feedback.

    9. Email Signature

    ‘Got any concerns? Leave us a review on Google.’ When you add a simple call to actions at the end of your business site along with the default email signature, it can help you to generate a decent amount of reviews on your site.

    10. Engage Customers With Existing Reviews

    The best way to encourage and engage your customers to write a feedback or review is to show all testimonials and reviews of the people who have already mentioned reviews about the services. It will encourage the customers as they will see the feedback from the business.


    These are proven tips that can help you score positive business reviews from your potential customers. All you need to do is, make the process as simple as possible to increase the number of positive customer reviews.

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