How To Score Some High-Quality Reviews From The Consumers?

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    It is no secret that customer reviews are the lifeblood of digital marketing strategies. More than 80% of the customers read online reviews before purchasing any product. About 70% of customers take online reviews as personal recommendations. These stats are compelling enough to pay attention to the review section of your webpage.

    If you don’t have any official website for your business, you can still get reviews and rates from your customers. Business listing sites are reliable platforms for collecting customer reviews.

    Adding your business on listing sites is a quick and easy way of claiming online presence

    Once you have claimed your online space it is time to score some high-quality reviews from your customers. Let us discuss some characteristics of high-quality reviews and how to get them.

    Characteristics Of High-Quality Reviews:

    1. Include Relevant Keywords

    Most business owners never realize the importance of review content.  You may be focusing on the goods and bads mentioned in the review but the inclusion of relevant keywords makes them much more effective. It is one of the top SEO ranking signals. The best quality reviews include relevant keywords.

    2. Include Time Of Purchase

    If you know the characteristics of high-quality reviews it is easy to get more of them. Request your customers to include the time of the purchase. This may not include the exact date but time references make them helpful for future customers. The more customers rely on the reviews, the better are your chances of a good ranking.

    3. Sufficient Details

    Too short of reviews are never as helpful as longer ones. High-quality reviews include all the important details a prospective customer is looking for. You can improve your chances of getting high-quality reviews by designing a template for reviews. Keep it as simple and precise as possible.

    4. Include Area Or Location

    A review with area or location name is another important ranking signal for SEO.

    The above-mentioned factors are controlled by the customers in general. Let us talk about the ways you can improve the quality and quantity of reviews. All your efforts are worth the investment!

    How To Score More Reviews?

    1. Ask At The Right Time

    The best time to ask your customers is when the purchase is on their minds. It is highly recommended to request reviews when they are just done utilizing the services. For the products that are to be used later, take out time to request reviews later.

    2. Put Your Reviews In Front

    The way you treat your customer reviews can play a huge role in getting future reviews. Place some reviews on your front page. Consider placing reviews for a specific product on their pages. Let the customer view the product along with the review.

    3. Send Emails

    Collect email addresses of your customers and follow up by sending emails. You don’t have to create individual emails. You can use automated services and online resources to make things easier for yourself.

    4. Be Grateful For Reviews 

    The best way to encourage your customers is to send a thanks note to the ones that take out time to review you. It can be a simple email or text. If you notice a glowing review ask permission to share the reviews on other social media websites. Include the names and photos of the reviewers by their permission. It adds credibility to the reviews and makes it easier for future customers to trust you.

    5. Respond To Negative Reviews

    You can never get all of the good reviews. There will always be someone who is not satisfied with your business. Ignoring them won't make them disappear. Respond to the negative online customer reviews responsibly. Pay close attention if the customer is justified. It can be a great tool to bring reforms. Fix mistakes at your end to improve your performance.  After all, feedback is all about improvements.

    6. Run Online Contests

    Let your customers take part in contests. The sense of competition is a great way of accelerating responses.

    7. Reward The Customers Who Review

    Provide good reasons for your customers to leave the reviews every time they make a purchase. A reliable way is to reward customers with discounts every time they leave a review. Keep this a special surprise for your customers and they will feel more confident.

    Always be honest and fair with your customers. 

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