10 strategies to increase and improve your customer reviews

    10 strategies to increase and improve your customer reviews

    The fact is undeniable that online business is expanding and right now it is the most inevitable way of starting a venture. Before the internet, there was no such thing as reviews and people had no way to contact other customers and get their valuable word about the service or a product. Now the world wants to know and we know that you want them to trust you. So, make sure that you are putting every effort into making it come true.

    However, things have changed with the latest marketing strategies and reviews are the most powerful tool right now for business growth. So, before you jump to the conclusions, check if you are doing the right marketing using business reviews or you need some improvements in your strategies.

    How you can improve and maintain customer reviews?

    Marketing has evolved by the time and now people have many choices to ensure that their brand has a voice both online and offline. So, here are 10 incredible and tested ways to improve your strategy and let people know about the services through customer reviews.

    1.    Encourage customers to leave a review

    The foremost step to get reviews from customers to ask them when they make a purchase. You can either email them, send a text message, or direct them to the page of reviews and convince them to leave a review for you. Build some different strategies to ensure that customers are willing to leave a review for you.

    2.    Show them how to review

    You might have some customers that lack the basic skills for leaving a review. Well, make it easy for them and show them by a short video or steps of leaving a review whenever they purchase from you. Make it subtle and ensure that customers feel connected and not just distracted by the method.

    3.    Make it easy for them to share

    Offer them the convenience and show them why their review matters. So, from star rating to the brief reviews can help them with it. Moreover, keep the process simple. Let people know about the platforms where they can share a review or at least add the call to action in your emails and other follow-ups to ensure that they feel free to share the one for your services or products.

    4.    Enable the anonymity

    Most people do not like to show or displays their name on a review. Allow the anonymous review too. People are mostly moved by the convenience of choices and while you are building your review strategy, keep it in mind to get better results. So, let them choose if they see willing to show the name or want to stay anonymous.

    5.    Provide feedback to those who leave a review

    Feedback is really important. Whether you get a negative or a positive review, you must provide the proper and engaging feedback. Let them know that you appreciate every effort they put to review your services or product. Engage with them and make them feel welcome even if they have an unsatisfactory review of your business. Let them ask for compensation and try to make up for them if they had a bad experience with you.

    6.    Run a social contest

    Well, the best way to get reviews is to run a social contest. There are many ideas, Just stay in touch with your previous customers. Send them the pitch and maybe they share the post and get a getaway in return. Or there can a lot of things and it will also increase the engagement providing your product and services more visibility online.

    7.    Set rewards for leaving a review

    Rewards are the best to keep someone engaged and also satisfy with the services. This is the one benefit of marketing strategies. So, if you want reviews from your valuable customer, you can offer them something in return. They will automatically move by this campaign and leave a review for your business. Just remember that rewards should be tempting enough to catch the attention of the people.

    8.    Give your customers a reason to leave a review

    The reason is a powerful weapon for taking any action. If you are providing the best services, probably, they will happily leave a review for you. In this case, bad service can work too. But it obviously not an option. So, offer you the customer more than just services, provide them the reason to trust you and come back. Be firm and certain with the promises and deals you make, build a brand that will encourage them to let other people know about you.

    9.    Improve if you get a negative review

    Negative reviews are part of life and you don’t have to worry about it. Talk to those customers who had a bad experience and ensure that they get a positive response and then get a positive review in return. So, it is all about approaching the customer with a positive mindset and help them see your business the way you see it and convince them to trust you again.

    10.Use the digital platforms to get reviews

    There are plenty of digital platforms where you can set to the business presence and gain visibility. Facebook, Yelp, Trustpilot, Amazon and google my business are an amazing platform to list your business and request customers to leave a review for the services you offered.


    Ultimately, everything is about increasing your online presence and value by offering the best of your services to the customers. So, build your brand by building the right strategies and especially when it comes to the reviews of people. Let it work in your favor and use it for improving your marketing strategies.

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