10 Smart Ways to Acquire Authority Backlinks To Your Website

    10 Smart Ways to Acquire Authority Backlinks To Your Website

    When it comes to ranking your website on Google, backlinks are highly important. The more backlinks you have linked with your website, the higher will be your reputation, and you are more likely to rank higher in search engine results. The amount of backlinks helps you get more organic traffic, providing the fact that your backlinks are from authority domains.

    To dominate the SERPs, you need authority backlinks using smart techniques. If you will spam other sites, you will be in trouble. Try to get backlinks from sites that are entertaining for the users because if you choose to get a backlink from a boring niche, it won’t be beneficial for you.

    Getting quality backlinks is quite a challenging task. If you want to learn the art of getting quality links, this article is for you.

    Use Infographics

    Infographics are indeed the best way to get quality backlinks. Most of the SEO experts use this technique to get quality backlinks for their websites. The best thing about infographics is that they are easy to share. Internet users find it quite easy to understand infographics, this is the reason the demand for infographics has increased greatly. When designing infographics, you have to play carefully. Make sure that there is always an interesting story behind it. You can select from the currently trending topics, and make your selection wisely.

    Do Guest Posting

    Guest posting is another effective technique to get authority backlinks. When you do guest posting, you can reach new audiences and convert them into leads. Guest blogging has been around for a long time now and Google ranks it one of the top-ranking factors. Guest posting is not only useful in getting powerful backlinks, but it also plays a key role in improving your online reputation. You can easily find multiple guest posting sites on the internet which are credible.

    Build Internal Linking

    Though there is not much benefit of internal linking from the perspective of SEO, if you manage to build solid internal links, you can enhance the overall usability of your website. However, when creating internal links, make sure that there are not more than 100 internal links per page. If you will do so, you will make your website look suspicious.

    Reach Everyone Through Outreach

    Despite the fact, you have created quality backlinks for your website, there will be not much benefit of these links if nobody knows that they even exist. You have created the infographic or guest post, but the task not ends here. Here the real task begins and you have to give your best in finding people interested in your content. You can share your content by using influencer research tools. It would be better to create some solid relationships with bloggers who work in the same niche. You can also do email outreach, an effective way to approach your prospective users. Though an old strategy, you can expect to get good results by using this strategy.

    Grab Attention Through Online PR

    To grab media attention, you can make use of online PR techniques. Online PR is a combination of different methods that help you improve your digital presence. Make use of social media, along with SEO and viral marketing, and people will start knowing about your brand. If you are consistent in your efforts, you can improve your search rankings and get your website ranked on the first page of Google.

    Fill The Content Gap

    Filling the content gap is another portentous way to get authority links to your website. To reach your target audience, you have to find something that other bloggers have missed. Try to fill the gap and readers will be more interested in your content. To create this type of content, you just have to commit yourself that you will produce content beyond the expectations of the readers.

    Be Patient

    In the beginning, it is quite difficult to get natural and organic links. You have to work hard if you want to create backlinks from authority websites like Forbes and Washington Post. If you want to drive more traffic towards your website, you will have to build some links which have authority. If you will get backlinks from a website that has the lowest domain authority, you will not get much benefit. If you will keep on writing for websites that have lower domain authority, it will be a mere wastage of time.

    Execute Broken Link Building

    Broken link building is yet another effective but lesser-known way to build authoritative backlinks for your website. How you can do broken link building is by finding error pages on the internet and informing the owner of that website about that error. When you do them a favor, they favor back by linking to your website.

    Spy On Your Competitors

    This is yet another effective way to get more organic traffic. All you have to do is stay up-to-date about the activities of your competitors by creating Google alerts. You can also spy them on social media and keep on evaluating what new they are publishing. Later, you can replicate their best techniques and create backlinks for you.

    Write Testimonials

    For getting authoritative links, you can also make use of the testimonials. Writing a testimonial is not a difficult task. All you have to spend is a few minutes, write a testimonial and get backlinks for your website. In return for writing each testimonial, you will get a backlink. This indeed is the best way to get authority links from the home page of the authority websites.

    Final Thoughts!

    It is quite a challenging task to earn quality backlinks for your website. However, if you explore the right resources and apply the right methods, you can find lots of link building opportunities. Make use of these opportunities and build links that are useful for your website. Also, do not forget to monitor the impact these backlinks create on your website.


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