Small Bathroom Flooring Ideas? Create an illusion of large space

    interior of a small bathroom

    The world is gravitating towards smaller houses, homeowners are stepping on new grounds in the field of home remodeling. Smaller homes are becoming prevalent for many purposes because, with less space to manage, DIY remodeling, low purchasing costs, and low remodeling costs are now more achievable than ever. 

    Just like the rest of your place, the advantages of a small bathroom are moderately amazing. If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom flooring, the expense is going to be remarkably low in contrast to a radiating bathroom. However, it can be an adjustment to live in a home with a small bathroom. Don't worry, here are some effortless ways for you to maximize the look of minimal space in your bathroom. You can make an illusion of having a large space with a small bathroom by choosing suitable flooring. If you are looking for the best flooring type for your small bathroom, you are in luck! Here is the list of affordable and elegant floor ideas for your small bathroom.

    1. Choose the best Tiles techniques for a small bathroom

    Before jumping into the best flooring for small bathroom, here are a few more common ideas about how you may like to create your space. Even if you don’t finally choose tiles, it’s one of the most classic choices for bathrooms. However, there are numerous non-conventional tiling types and methods you can adopt to create your bathroom seem larger than actual. One of the best tricks in the list of best small bathroom flooring ideas is to create an illusion with tiles. If you are wondering, how do you tile a small bathroom to make it look bigger? The detailed answer to your question is described below: 

    Tile Size

    You may be thinking, is it better to have large or small tiles in a small bathroom while considering tile size for small bathroom? Well, small tiles have the advantages of being easily installed around pipework and fitting, but they aren't the solution for your small bathroom. However, by installing large tiles, you can create the illusion of a wide, clean, and luxurious space. There are many affordable tile options such as marble, granite, vinyl, and ceramic. As the installation of large tiles needs grout lines, you are not going to feel confined in the bathroom. So, it is very important to choose the right tile size for a small bathroom to look larger.

    Unique Patterns

    Using unique tile patterns is the best way to break the boredom and distract attention from other areas of the bathroom. 

    The irregular pattern of diagonal lined tiles creates appealing movement and boosts the sense of a wide floor. While the grid pattern of tiles can set your bathroom distinct from everything else. No matter which designs you choose, your small bathroom is an ideal place to experiment. Take advantage of limited space and choose your favorite pattern tiles to add some spice!         

    Suitable Colors

    Color choice of flooring can go a long way to display your bathroom spacious. Such bold colors can create a central point around which the rest of the bathroom revolves. These are some tricks to create an illusion of a large bathroom like previous ones. Remember, if you are deciding to go with bold tile flooring colors, make sure to compensate wall colors accordingly. If you choose bold wall colors as your tiles, it will extremely limit the impaction of this trick. 

    All white tiles look like a good option to choose as they can create an open feeling by reflecting lights. If you want to install white ties, make sure to neutralize all other things in your bathroom as well to maximize the impact. You can choose flooring colors according to the theme of the bathroom to make it look cleaner and elegant. 

    2. Go luxurious with Natural Stone

    Natural stone is a gratifying choice that will deliver unconventional patterns and texture to the floor. It’s arduous to go wrong with real stone. Not only does it have a classy appearance, but lots of other benefits under the broad umbrella of natural stone flooring are the reason for its expensive cost. The cost is just a factor because, fortunately, you’re renewing your small bathroom. That's why it will not be too costly for your bathroom. However, these floors need proper sealing and delicate cleaning products, but it creates an elegant floor look and has an enduring style.

    3. Try stone effect Ceramic/Porcelain

    Tiles are the most affordable option for bathroom flooring with waterproof quality when we are discussing small bathroom flooring ideas. If you are thinking, what is the best style of flooring for a small bathroom? The answer is porcelain and ceramic tiles. The stone effect on porcelain tiles gives a sense of luxury and more space to your bathroom. The best thing about this type of floor is that it is in the latest small bathroom flooring ideas.

    If you want a natural stone effect but can't afford to install it in your bathroom, mandarin and marble can mimic natural stone within an affordable range. Don't go for traditional porcelain tile either; you can make any tile work at its best with the techniques discussed above. No matter what, porcelain tile is always the best flooring for a small bathroom. 

    4. Consider Luxury Vinyl Plank

    Wood floors are enduring and elegant floors, but wood and water don’t unite well. If you want to give your floor a hardwood aesthetic, a luxury vinyl plank is your best chance. Vinyl plank has the endurance to temperature and humidity, which makes it stand out in all small bathroom flooring ideas. Luxury vinyl tiles are built of many layers to give stability and a lasting finish. It has become an elegant option with its rich flooring color.

    Having a small bathroom has its demerits, but it also offers remodeling your floor remarkably affordable. These small bathroom flooring ideas will enhance the look of your bathroom and give it the illusion of a wide space. Find contractors for bathroom remodeling in your area on CityLocal Pro.

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