How To Get Featured On Our Top Pros Pages?

    How To Get Featured On Our Top Pros Pages

    As the title defines the purpose, this is a guide to help you on how to get your business featured on CityLocal Pro's locally high-ranked pages. It is super simple to request your business to be on our Top Pros Pages after completing some fundamental steps.

    Fundamental Steps:

    Step 1: Register Business

    Our Top Pros Pages enlist registered business profiles, so getting one for your company on our directory is essential. It is recommended to first search for your business to avoid duplicates. If your business does not exist in our database then you can always add your business here, otherwise, proceed to the next step. Our homepage screenshot is for assistance and self-explanatory.CityLocal Pro - Add or Search Business

    Step 2: Claim Business Profile

    Once you get your business profile on our directory, the next step is to claim it. You can notice a “Claim Now" CTA on your business profile (as shown in the image below). After clicking on it, you will get directed to a page with two options:

    1. Add/install a code on your website
    2. Send us business proof

    Proceed with the suitable option, and complete the claiming procedure.

    Step 3: Update Business Profile

    For our Top Pros Pages, we prefer highly maintained business profiles. Make sure your company profile is 100% complete – logo, latest images, updated contact details, physical address, a good business description, working hours, and an appropriate category. Moreover, if your business profile has reviews, that’s a plus… so before requesting it to get featured, it is always better to ask your customers to review your business on our directory.

    Goal Step

    Step 4: Request To Be On Our Top Pros Pages

    By completing all fundamental steps above, your business is eligible to be on our Top Pros Pages. You can email us your business details, requesting them to be on our Top Pros Pages. If you are interested to get featured on any specific Top Pros Page, it is recommended to mention it while requesting.

    Send your requests to

    An alternative way is to call us at +1 540-513-3148

    We usually process requests within 2-3 working days. Once the request is processed, an email is generated to update the business owner in this regard.

    Note: We shall automatically add your business to Top Pros Pages provided we have a slot available, but you can always send a request.

    This comes to the end of this guide but definitely, this is your one step to help your business grow. We have mentioned some benefits of Top Pros Pages here, you must give it a read. Good luck! 

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