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    In the simplest sense, the free business listing is a mention of your brand online. The problem with business listing is many of the time it doesn’t have links. Therefore, there has been a lot of speculation in the industry about whether Google counts free business listings sites and if it does, then to what degree and how much it is beneficial for you to list your business in a Miami business directory.

    Here are a few things that will give a clue.

    Works as promotion of your business

    Setting aside the google rankings, since SEO is all about taking your business on the top, it's always worth mentioning your business in major online posts.

    It is meek because, if it is truly rated, it is likely to draw real attention to your business, encourage people to talk about it, write about it and tie with it.

    Gives higher local rankings

    Free business listings are an essential element in the local SEO formula for success; It's just something that local SEOs have observed. Besides, local search engine optimizers generally distinguish between structured and unstructured free business listings sites.

    • Structured business listings are standardized business lists found in local directories, sites like Citylocal Pro. Typically, a structured free business listings sites would have the name, address, and phone number of a business and sometimes the website as well (in Citylocal Pro). It's important to keep your NAP consistent across all of your business listings if you want Google to correctly assign all of your free business listing directory in Miami to a business, to which you want traffic.
    • On the other hand, unstructured business listings are different versions of your company name, address, and phone number mentioned online. Free business listings sites in which information spans a web page is much less common but no less valuable. This includes articles like blog posts, discussion threads, or newspaper articles.

    Helps to gain higher Google rankings

    Google has been shown to tend to associate brand websites with certain contexts in which they often co-exist. Ultimately, this means that being mentioned in certain desired contexts, for example, alongside a competitor, with your primary keyword could increase your Google score and give you more preference in research results.

    Gives more backlinks

    We all know that returning links to your site from trusted and convincing websites is important to any type of SEO, and this is where free business listings sites come in handy. Today, almost all business listing directories contain a website URL field. The good news is that some of these sites even list them as do-follow links, which means that search engines can use them to deliver fair links to your site, further refining your SEO.

    A chance for reviews

    One of the three fundamental pillars of a good ranking in the Google Local package is "prominence," which is defined by a positive online reputation and positive reviews on the Web. Therefore, it is very helpful for many free business listings sites to become review sites as well, allowing consumers to rate and describe their local business experiences. Your business listings should be accurate because inaccurate or inconsistent data on business listing directories will damage your SEO and ranking both.

    Keep your business updated consistently

    As we have already mentioned that accurate free business listings sites can help you rank better. Well, the reverse is true if you don't keep them updated. Search engines regularly crawl these sites to create an accurate image of your business, so if they find the numbers and addresses particularly inconsistent, they will have a hard time knowing how confident your business is when it comes to deciding where to display their websites in SERPs.

    This leads to that only the companies with the most accurate and consistent information on business listings sites, classify themselves well in the search. So, if you are looking for good progress in SERPs, update your free business listings directory in Miami, get traffic and rank your site higher.

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