How To Fix Bent Garage Door?

    dented garage door repair

    A garage door is a significant part of a house. It allows your vehicle to be safe and tucked inside the house, away from prying hands and eyes. Apart from its primary duties, a garage door also doubles as a point of entry and exit. Even though it serves the same purpose, it is much different than other doors in your house. That is why you need to have a dedicated regimen to keep it in its pristine condition.

    Still, it can malfunction and break and cause a lot of trouble. One of the common faults found in garage doors is that they get bent over time. If you live in an area that experiences torrential winds, you already know what I am referring to.

    People who are here to learn how to fix bent garage doors are at the right place. We have shared some ways you must know for dented garage door repair.

    In this post, we are going to share some wisdom regarding how to fix bent garage door. It is fairly easy if you have some prior experience in technical or mechanical stuff. But, if you are not up for a challenge, you can always call the cavalry for backup.

    Ways to Fix A Bent Garage Door:

    #1 Use Hammer

    Depending on the depth and area of the dent in your garage door, a hammer can come in handy to unbend the panel. Better yet, use a wooden mallet as it will apply as much force as you need without rubbing off paint or luster from the door.

    Another way of using a hammer for fixing a bent garage door is to put the mallet behind the surface and use a hammer slightly to work out the kink.

    While hammering, make sure;

    1. You are using protective gloves or otherwise, you will hurt your hand.
    2. The force is not too much or otherwise, it will make a bigger dent.

    Hammering is not a permanent solution for the door. As the area will be fragile afterward, it is highly likely to see bending in the future.

    #2 Suction Cups

    Just like you deal with a bent car door, suction cups can come in handy while fixing a bent garage door. The principle remains the same as it is widely used by expert garage door technicians.

    Suction apparatus is ideal for garage doors;

    1. They are completely made out of metal.
    2. Have small dents.

    To do this, you need to place the suction cup on the bent area and let the vacuum do its job. The damaged portion will flex back into the place. The best part about this is that it takes only a couple of minutes to do the job.

    #3 Use Heat

    When it comes to pure technique, hammering and sections cups do not come close to heating. As we know metals expand on heating and contract on cooling, we can use the same principle to our advantage if we have a bent garage door on our hands.

    To do this, we need aluminum foil to cover the damaged area. Once it is done, we can use heat and compressed air to heat up the panel so that it will take its original form. Since it is more on the pro side of the hassle, you need to be careful while doing it.

    Make sure, there are no kids or pets around. Also, do not forget to use safety gear to ensure your well-being.

    Nothing works? Replace it!

    If the techniques mentioned in the above sections do not work for your dented garage door repair, the option of replacement is always open. Keep in mind that no matter how much effort you put into repairing your older door, it will break in the future, owing to the climate conditions or other environmental factors, or just the original act of bending.

    If you are planning on fixing your garage door through replacement, here are the things you must keep in mind;

    1. It does not matter how costly the repair is going to be, it will always be lesser than buying a new garage door panel.
    2. You may be able to work around your old garage door and repair it on your own. But, replacing it with newer hardware, you need to look for garage door companies and hire a professional. This may cost more but is still worth it - you will get new hardware which means more stress-free years.
    3. You may have to alter the garage a little bit to accommodate the new garage door.

    Cost Of Repairing:

    The cost of repairing a bent garage door can vary. According to a Home Advisor study, the average cost of repairing a garage door is $223. Whereas, the range lies from $130 to $300. So, keep in mind the national average numbers and range before signing a contract with your prospective company.

    ! Do not use it to avoid further damage, which may cost you more.

    When your garage door is not working properly, due to bending or other malfunctioning parts, it is best to stop using it and make arrangements for repair. This is the surest way to keep everyone safe and get it fixed without enhancing the damage.

    This is it from us on how to fix bent garage door. If you have got some more amazing ideas, do share it with everyone in the comment section. In case you are looking for garage door professionals in your area, search for them on CityLocal Pro’s business directory.

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