4 Different Options For Under $5000 Kitchen Remodel

    dollar 5000 kitchen remodel

    In recent times, a kitchen in a household has become much more than a place to cook food and clean dishes. It doubles as a living room for friends and family and people are more conscious than ever about keeping it in a pristine condition.

    Apart from regular cleaning and maintenance of kitchen floors, fixtures, and appliances, you can refresh its look and feel over a couple of years. Now, many people think that you have to have a carte blanche on the budget to give a facelift to your kitchen, but the truth could not be further.

    In this article, we are going to explore some ideas that you can get under $5000 Kitchen Remodel… Let’s get started!

    Kitchen Remodel Ideas Under 5000 Dollars:

    #1 Island Countertop

    There are a lot of people who feel they are missing storage at every kitchen renovation plan. They consult professionals who come up with unique takes on optimizing the limited space of the kitchen for storage and other utilitarian purposes.

    In reality, it does not take an interior decorator to give a new spin to your existing kitchen. By adding a simple, well-placed element, such as an island countertop can cure many of your maladies.

    When you get an island countertop, you can kill two birds with one stone. You'll have cabinet space to store utensils and accessories tucked away. Plus, use the top as a seating area for dining.

    As for the pricing, a standard countertop can cost you around $3000 to $5000. If you have the cash to splurge, you can add a sink, dishwasher, electricity to the mix.

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    #2 New Appliances

    A kitchen was never a static place, even during the times of hearth and stoves. The modern kitchen is laden with and defined mainly by appliances. The color, make, and model of your refrigerator, oven, cooking range, etc., determine as much of its character and look like the floor, cabinets, and traditional elements of the kitchen.

    So, an easy and cost-effective way to get a new look to your kitchen is to replace your years-old appliances with new and more energy-efficient ones.

    According to estimates, you can get a new dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, and cooking range if you set aside a budget of around $4500.

    The best part - you can recover most of the cost in terms of lower electricity bills.

    #3 Redefined Floors

    Whether you love a checkered floor or a solid hardwood look, the floor of your kitchen is a key factor in its overall appeal. The greatest thing about floors is that there are countless options and finishes. So virtually, you can have any look you want for your kitchen.

    But, here we are talking about kitchen makeover ideas on a budget. In a range of $5k, vinyl floor options are the best ones. There is a wide range of colors and the labor is not too expensive.

    For a kitchen with a two hundred square foot area, it takes about $1000 for vinyl floor material and about twelve hundred dollars in labor costs. For under $5000 kitchen remodel, this looks like the most optimal option. This is because it still gives a margin in the $5000 budget to go for other options along, like laminate slate.

    #4 Clean Slate

    An elegant countertop can enhance the overall look of your kitchen. Of course, the idea is open to discussion but you can try it with your limited budget. There is nothing to lose, only to gain.

    If you have a coffee table or a small top, it all depends on the threshold of your willingness to spend. For stone-lovers, the cost of the stone slab will also include higher installation charges and fabrication.

    Here is an overview;

    • Marble: $2,000–$4,000
    • Granite: $2,000–$4,500
    • Laminate: $1,200–$2,000
    • Quartz: $1,000–$4,000

    After exploring kitchen makeover ideas on a budget, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.


    Q: Do Kitchen Remodels Pay Off?

    Kitchen remodels have excellent return rates, as per surveys by professional sites. In many studies, over ninety percent of the renovation costs were paid off during the time of sale or recognized in the overall value of the house. But, it is best to keep the renovation costs in the minor league, avoiding fancy fixtures, appliances, and kitchen remodel contractors.

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    Q: Why Are Kitchen Remodeling Costs So High?

    Essentially, bathrooms and kitchens are just other rooms in a house. But, when it comes to renovation and remodeling or even regular maintenance, they cost much more than other rooms. Part of it is because of the gadgetry and its utility in the house. The rest is the higher price tags of floor items, appliances, fixtures, etc. Therefore, we have shared some ways through this article that may help you get under $5000 kitchen remodel.

    Reaching to the end…

    Kitchen remodeling is a blend of science and art. If you hold your budget tightly and explore your options in the range, you are surely going to come up with exquisite designs and ideas to instill fresh air into your kitchen’s looks. Hope these kitchen makeover ideas on a budget are of some help to you. Share your views and suggestions in the comments area below.

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