The Importance Of Online Customer Reviews for your business

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    Convenient access to the web has radically changed the way people shop for almost everything in today's day and age. From handheld devices to medical services, it's rare for people to blindly trust any service available online without reading through customer reviews. It is Statistically proven that in 2016, 90% of the shoppers made an online purchase after reading a review online. On the contrary, 94% of online shoppers were convinced to not buy products that had negative views. This data demonstrates the importance of online reviews and how they affect online sales when purchasing literally anything.

    Read along to find out what importance online reviews hold for your business and what you can possibly do to keep your potential customers happy and on the go!

    Painting a Clear Picture

    The traditional method of shopping was comparatively more stressful, tiring, and time-consuming. You had to run through huge shopping malls just to find that one t-shirt you really wanted but as the world has advanced, you can do all of this by just tapping a few times on your mobile screen. However, online shopping is co poetry hassle-free and can be done from the comfort of your couch.

    If you have previously been online shopping, you probably understand how you physically hold the product you're looking to buy. In some cases, this can be a big problem as you can end up with bad quality, worn-out products sometimes as well. This might rarely ever happen but you can come across fraudulent websites as well that promise to deliver fine quality products at your doorstep but disappoint you when receiving your parcel. For this very reason, online reviews are of utmost meaning for both the buyers and the suppliers. Hence, Look out for websites such as Citylocalpro for reviews of your products or services!

    More Visibility

    When your product is appreciated by customers, more people want to purchase it and there is high demand. The cherry on top is greater visibility. Once your product is introduced in the market, customers purchase it and give reviews. These reviews are so important for the success of your business that they can make or break it. Because you can’t physically see the product when online shopping, reviews are the only way to trust a brand. More visibility also means that your brand is the new thing in the market and is being immensely talked about. This in turn not only increases your orders but also ranks you in reputable categories.


    It is important to understand the power of both a good review and a bad one. A good review will have your sales go up while a bad review will not only put a bad impression on your business but customers will also think twice before ordering from you. Your target is to impress your customers and get a point that they leave you a genuine and accurate review! Many shoppers mistrust businesses that have a 4star rating or below. This leaves a very small margin of error. It companies who excel with full star reviews see ratings get converted into boosted sales!

    Buyers Decision

    At the end of the day, it is the buyer's decision whether or not he or she wants to purchase the product. Is it, however, true that online reviews have a big part to play in what the client decides in the end. Whatever the client decides will be influenced by all the online reviews that he or she comes across after researching about the product or service. Hence, your product or service needs to have the best possible views so that customers are attracted to your business. For people to recommend your services to friends and family, you really have to build up trust and maintain quality and standards. Always remember that a little drop in quality or customer service can ruin all that old built up reputation. It goes without saying, trust is harder to build but easier to break! Therefore, never disappoint your beloved customers, rather make their day.


    To conclude, online reviews have a huge impact on your business and directly on your sales as well. A measure of how well a business is doing is evident by what the general public has to say about it. Make sure your business is listed in the good books of your customers otherwise, you can only dream of your business doing wonders. So, please your customers!

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