7 Smart Ways to Get Citylocal pro Reviews

    7 Smart Ways to Get Citylocal pro Reviews

    Having your website registered on Citylocal Pro for customer testimonials is one of the efficient ways of getting more traffic conversions on your website. A first-time customer trusts an online review as much as a physical customer trusts word of mouth.

    Most companies that have just been set are in the oblivion of choosing the right platform for getting reviews and integrating the onto their own webpage. Here is a list of seven such methods that are going to help you boost your sales by getting Citylocal Pro reviews online.

    7 Smart Ways to Help You Get Citylocal pro Reviews:

    Building Your Profile

    One of the most crucial things to make sure of in order to get quality reviews online, first register then add your business to Citylocal Pro.

    Citylocal Pro has a relevant field for any line of business, and you choose the category that just suits your business the best.

    Make sure you complete all the requirements and fill out all the necessary details required by the website in order to be listed among the trusted and licensed companies. Most of your competitors in the field are already going to be available on third-party user-review websites, which is why it is a good way to take up the charts with Citylocal Pro.

    Prompt Customers Immediately After Providing Services

    According to the statistics put forward by Citylocal Pro, asking your customers directly for their review after you have provided your quality services to them is also a very fruitful way of getting positive feedback. When put in numbers, nearly 70% of your customers will be more than happy to provide feedback after you have just provided them with services.

    You can set up a customer services team that looks into the activity of your customers, and by receiving anything near a compliment, you can ask for a review. Personalizing your messages to ask for reviews and using a courteous tone of communication will further increase your chances of getting a positive review.

    Simplicity Is The Key

    It is a generally understood fact; the simpler your means of getting a review is going to be, the more a customer will successfully complete a review. If you have a rather complex method of asking your customers for providing feedback that includes them signing in or signing up for a specific task, most of them will lose patience and leave the process incomplete.

    You can integrate your services by introducing mobility to your process of getting reviews. Putting the apps to use that converts email reviews into website testimonials is going to further increase your chances of getting feedback as it is the most convenient for review providers.

    Provide Incentives

    Citylocal Pro and other popular third party review providing websites will always encourage you to provide incentives to customers upon providing feedback. Because who wouldn’t like to get an exclusive treat for something so effortless?

    In the initial stages of you gathering reviews for your website, it is going to be a huge difference-maker as it is going to attract more and more customers to write a review.

    The exchanges you can offer might be a gift card in return for a review, or by announcing a weekly prize of coupons to lucky customers that have provided a review. Another very ingenious way of rewarding your customers would be providing them with loyalty cards for sharing their concerns and views.

    Use Apps To Follow Up

    A very big obstacle that stands between you getting a review and your customer is that more often than not, your call for getting a review is overlooked due to the fact that the customer did not open the email. It is very likely that your customer is going to be more than willing to help you by providing a review of Citylocal Pro, but because the subject of the email wasn’t compelling enough, they never opened it to see.

    You can use several different apps to track your emails sent to customers, whether they have been opened or not. If you see that the customer has overlooked it, bombarding him with continuous mails, I only going to irritate him. Waiting for about 3 to 4 days and sending a new email with a different subject will increase your chances of getting a review.

    A Healthy Response

    Citylocal Pro makes it easier than ever for you to communicate with your customers by responding to the queries and reviews of your customers. Checking your reviews regularly will give you a very clear picture of the concerns of your customers are.

    Thanking everyone who provides you with satisfied and quality reviews is always going to encourage them to come back often and post more. Another thing you could be doing is adding a personalized note with each response to give your customers a feeling of loyalty and that their review is of importance to you. A regular response portrays a sense of loyalty for customers, a positive image of you, and will make your customers keep on providing more and quality reviews.

    Respond to The Negative Reviews

    When it comes to getting reviews from your customers on Citylocal Pro, the negative reviews that you get are going to play an equal part in convincing a first time customer to trust you. Now as many positive reviews you will always be expecting, you are always going to get a negative review every once in a while.

    A negative review, when not dealt with, is going to sway your customers past your page really quickly, which is why you have to act quickly and smartly. Responding to the queries of negative reviews and ensuring to resolve the issue will get you a potentially loyal customer as well as show a refined response image to a first time client.

    You can’t completely remove all the negative reviews that you get from your website testimonials because it is clearly going to give out the vibe that they are being tampered with, and no customer wants to trust a webpage that is not fooling them from the very beginning.


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