CITY LOCAL PRO Reveals America’s Top 20 Places to Eat in 2020

    top 20 places to eat

    As we all know that the US is one of the most ethnically or racially diverse countries. America has a diverse history. The extensive migration into and out of America throughout history has made her extremely rich and versatile in culture.

    America has been a colonial empire of different nations. For example, it has been invaded by British, Spanish, French and Dutch. They made settlements there and left their permanent cultural footsteps there.

    After this clan, the Irish, German, Scottish, and Scandinavian marked their identity on the air and soil of the US. It did not end there, the next comers were Italians, Chinese, and other Eastern Europeans. All these nations and states help America grow, revolute, and shaped it to its present shape.

    America has seen various laws, constitutions, cultural eras and trends. The agricultural revolution, the Industrial Revolution, Apartheid Laws, and American Diversity has shuffled the American trends many times.

    These economic, cultural and political revolutions impacted and shaped the present US.

    The present US is the epitome of diversity and versatility in today’s world. The marks of diversity and cultural excellence are seen in each and everything present in the US.

    America is a great place for foodies too.

    So, City Local Pro decided to guide the foodies about America’s top 20 places to eat in 2020! The list is not numbered on the basis of quality or comparison.

    1. Shawarma Guys

    It is rated as the best one on Yelp. It is situated in San Diego, CA. They serve amazing mouthwatering shawarmas and shawarma platters. They are Halal, Vegetarian-friendly, LGBTQ-friendly, Gluten-free friendly, and Vegan-Friendly. This is one of the best spots to eat in the US.

    2. Kahuku Farms

    This is the best place to hang out and eat if you are a fan of juices, smoothies and fruits & vegetables overall. Organic food is their biggest quality. Must visit them!

    3. Craft Pita

    This is a Mediterranean café. Their popular dishes are Chicken Pita, Rotisserie Chicken, Fattoush Salad and Falafel bowl. Craft Pita is a must-visit place.

    4. Shish Ke Baba

    It is situated in San Francisco, CA. This Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant is famous for its kebabs. You should definitely try Mixed Grill Plate, Baba’s Mix Grill, Turkish Delight, Lamb Shish Kebab, Lentil Soup, and Adana Kebab!

    5. Mr bibi

    This Korean and Asian Fusion restaurant in the US for its amazing food. We recommend every tourist and resident visit this place to get a taste of the dainty dishes like Hot Stone Bibimbap, Beef Bulgogi, and Vegetable tempura.

    6. Sky Rocket Burger

    If you love burgers and you are here Dallas, Texas, then you have this amazing place to visit to satisfy your burger lover taste buds! The double cheeseburgers, old school toasted burgers and double burgers of Sky Rocket Burger have won the hearts of every burger lover who visited. Give them a try!

    7. Nini’s Deli

    In Chicago, Nini’s Deli is here to give your taste buds the best experience ever! Make sure that you do not leave Chicago without trying their Chicken Empanada, Kitchen Sink Sandwich, Cuban Steak and Sweet Guava Empanada.

    8. Otis

    This cocktail bar of Brooklyn will win your heart in no time! Their pork shoulder pasta, Lamb Shank, Berry Crumble, and Duck Leg will be the best ever treat to our taste buds!

    9. Zaap Thai

    If you are in Portland and you have not eaten Zaap Thai then you are missing out on life! Their food goes direct to our hearts! Zaap Thai is well-known in the area for its amazing Papaya Salad, Khao soi, Pad Thai, Evil Jungle Prince, Crab Fried Rice, Tom Yum Soup, Pad See Ew, Mango Yellow Curry, and Red Curry. Their diverse menu is to die for!

    10. German Knoodle

    Do you want to expose your mouth to the mouthwatering German cuisine? German Knoodle is the best option for you! Anyone who visits St. Petersburg should definitely give a try to their curry vegan sausage, Jager Schnitzel, Greek Salad, and Caprese salad! So, what are you waiting for?

    11. Bombay River

    Red Bank has Bombay River which has Indian cuisine which can make your heart ask for more and more! Their Chicken Tikka, Lamb Korma, Chicken Biryani, and Hara Paneer Kofta will take you to a ride towards the heaven of taste.

    12. 310 Eatery

    This Asian Fusion famous for its breakfasts and brunches will satisfy your foodie soul! You should definitely make your meal amazing by tasting their French toasts, clam chowder, Fish tacos, Little Tokyo Po’boy and pretzel buns!

    13. Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar

    This place has the heart of Memphis taste! Rush here now to give yourself a taste of their Bison Ribeye, Pork Tenderloin and chicken and waffles! The amazing place will give you a really refreshing experience!

    14. Yasin’s Falafel House

    We want you to try Yasin’s Falafel House now if you are in Knoxville! The taste of Gyro Plate, Falafel Plate, Gyro Sandwich, Falafel Sandwich, and Baba Ganoush will make you lick your fingers!

    15. Tuna Kahuna

    We all have heard about the amazingness of Japanese cuisines. Tuna Kahuna is the most amazing Japanese restaurant in Burlingame! Rush to enjoy their Poke Bowl, Yuzu Hamachi Bowl, Cured Egg, Tuna Carpaccio, Yuzu Salmon Bowl, and Spicy Seoul Bowl!

    16. Porque No? Tacos

    Step in if you want best tacos, great breakfast, and yummiest brunch! Their chilaquiles, super taco, omelet, and super Burrito will melt your heart!

    17. Noodle Man

    This fabulous eatery in Virginia Beach, CA, will make your noodle-loving soul have one of its life's best experiences. If you happen to visit, you must try their Lan Zhou Beef noodles, Cucumber Cold Noodles, six-piece honey teriyaki shrimps and fried salt and spicy squid.

    18. Bae Bae’s Kitchen

    This is another amazing restaurant where you can have a taste of amazing Korean cuisines. If you are in Pittsburgh, then this place is must to stop at and have a meal. You will surely love their cucumber kimchi, cheese wontons, crispy tofu, seaweed salad, vegetable tempura, napa cabbage kimchi, and the mouthwatering spicy crab salad.

    19. Café Kacao

    This Latin American restaurant is the best place to have breakfast and brunch in Oklahoma City. It is a full bar-restaurant. You can enjoy having their exquisite menu which includes chorizo, huevos rancheros, Tikal, Asada, Motuleno, Machaca, Migallas, Carne Asada and the heavenly Migallas con Chorizo!

    20. MOZZ

    If you are in Provo and you have not visited MOZZ yet for food then leave everything and rush there before anything else! You will understand this strong recommendation after you have eaten their White Pizza, Pea Pesto Pizza, Serrano and Honey pizza, Classic artisan pizza, cauliflower pizza, Margherita pizza, and sweet corn pizza. After having these savor, you must make sure that your taste buds encounter their arugula salad, mixed green salad, and Caesar salad!

    The team of City Local Pro has revealed these amazing and diverse restaurants which offer some iconic cuisines in the US. These restaurants must be visited by every foodie because they are the best of the best of their kind. Just by visiting these restaurants in the US, you can take your taste buds on to the mouthwatering tour to all the best worldwide tastes.

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