8 Most Crucial Causes of Water Damage

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    Water damages are always frustrating. For homeowners, nothing is more like nerve-racking when you have to deal with water damage. It is just not a nuisance that disturbs your daily life and routine, but it if not handled timely, it also poses a serious health risk to your loved ones. When you are dealing with water damage, taking timely action is the essence. All you have to do is act fast and minimize the losses. If the damage is too much to handle, you may need to vacate your home for a few days. Any delay in this regard can cause potential damage to your health and valuables.

    Causes of Water Damage

    From faulty plumbingappliances to leaking pipes, there might be several reasons for water damage. If you want to deal with this issue efficiently, you have to recognize the reason behind it. By removing the root cause, you can alleviate the issue of facing water damage. Here are some of the reasons that might cause this issue in your home. Take a detailed look and keep an eye on them so that can act timely when the danger is impending.

    Bursting or Leaking Pipes

    This is one of the frequent causes of water damage. Water pipes start leaking when they get too old and rusty. Another reason behind pipe leakage is the sudden change in temperature. If you are living in an area where the temperature gets very cold during winters, water in the pipes will freeze especially if the pipes are not properly insulated. Then, the expansion of that ice will cause a pipe burst and water leakage.

    Issues with A Plumbing System

    Often the water damage is caused by a faulty plumbing system. However, it is quite hard to identify the issues with the plumbing system even for someone qualified for the job. The plumbing system of a house is hidden in walls, so you have to act fast if you want to protect yourself from severe water damage.

    HVAC Issues

    If there is an issue with your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning units, you need to go for the repair immediately. You can protect your home from HVACs issues if you take your heating and cooling units for regular servicing.

    Natural Disasters and Other Weather-Related Problems

    Flooding is the most apparent cause of water damage. It is one of those natural calamities which are not in human control. However, when there is an impending threat of flooding in your area, you can take some quick actions like vacating your home with your valuable items. Certainly, you cannot keep everything safe, but timely action in this regard can help you save a lot. So, keep an eye on weather conditions and if there is an alert of water flooding, do your best to keep your family and valuables protected from water damage.

    Clogged Gutters

    If there is blockage of gutters due to debris such as leaves and branches, you will soon face an issue of water overflow. Water will flow over the top of the gutters and it will start running down the side of your home. If you don’t care about this issue on time, the water will seep into your foundation which is highly detrimental to the safety of your loved ones.  

    Toilet Overflows

    This is one of the most annoying reasons for water damage. When there is clogging in the gutters, drain lines, or in the main sewer line of your home, it will not allow the entry of sewage from the toilets. Resultantly, your waste will remain in the toilets and soon your toilets will start overflowing. This water is usually black and the damage that occurred due to this water is highly vexing.

    Sewage Backups

    Whenever there are extreme weather conditions outside like heavy rainfall for many days, your sewer system might collapse. If the sewage backup that you have installed in your home is unable to provide you backup, soon your home will be flooded with dirty water from drains, sinks, and toilets. It is quite a serious situation that needs to be cured immediately.

    Tornadoes & Thunderstorms

    Indeed, there is no control over water-related disasters especially if the disaster has occurred due to unexpected weather conditions like tornadoes and thunderstorms. These sudden storms can trigger water issues and often result in flooding the whole community with water. Only a disaster management authority can act in these circumstances. Just speedy dial their number and help yourself lessen the damages that occurred due to this heavy inflow of water in your home.

    Final Say!

    Dealing with water damage is quite a challenging task. However, if find out the root cause, you can surely save yourself from the danger. Moreover, if you are facing damage due to water, do not panic, just act fast and help yourself minimize the damage.

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