The Most Common Types of Burglar Bars Available in the Market

    Types of Burglar Bars

    Safety matters no matter which part of the world you live in. Different kinds of safety measures can be taken to protect a house but most people go for the best because everyone wants their home to be super safe. However, it is not necessary that you go for the most expensive solution because professionals take into account various things before recommending bars type. They look at your safety needs, local crime rate, exposure to threat, the response time of the local authorities, etc. before coming with an effective safety plan. The security bars for window installation is one of the preferred choices for safety, below you can find a good list of effective solutions to take your pick.

    The standard Spanish bars

    The selection of safety bars is a difficult decision, especially when you don’t know the neighborhood well. Tough areas require you to take serious safety measures to block possible entry from windows. This is where the Spanish bars come in. They are appreciated for their strength and they are installed on the outside of the window. They create a cage-like effect and they are composed of multiple vertical bars and a few horizontal bars to boost up the strength. Usually, they are made of steel and considered perfect for any given scenario to level up the security.

    Mini Spanish bars

    Mini Spanish bars are a smart and economical solution to upgrade the safety of any house. They are cheaper because fewer bars are needed. These bars are relatively smaller in size and installed on the inners side of the window or door’s opening. Mostly they are colored similar to the door and become a part of it. This smart solution is available in both horizontal and vertical bars. In any case, you must consult a security advisor before you install them. Because only they can tell based on the local security conditions which one to choose.

    Retractable bars

    It is another classic safety option and various sizes of retractable bars can be seen in homes and in the commercial sector as well. This type is created by tilting and joining a lot of bars so they can slide and open when needed and form an iron wall when needed. These bars are quite popular among vacation homeowners as well. You can enjoy a clear view when you need it and close the bars when you need it to be safe. However, you must lock the bars from the inside in order to ensure safety, just like doors. If you forget to lock, then the level of risk is similar to an open door.

    Louvre style bars

    They are probably one of the most stylish forms of bars that not only provide safety but create a unique signature look to your home. These bars are installed within a frame and the installation points are concealed in the inside of the frame. The louver-style bars are not adjustable but they can be combined with the shutters to give a beautiful look. An expert must be consulted before installation because the bars must be selected based on your geological location. If your safety requirements are mild in nature, then they can make a perfect fit otherwise you should hear what the experts say.

    Security screens

    Security screens are a very intense measure of security that is ideal for coastal properties. It has a large frame made of high-quality steel to cover up your windows. The 316 marine grade is usually used with this kind of solution. The first look might seem like the window is fitted within the frame and covered with steel. This particular property makes it impenetrable for the burglars. If you just equip it with the right safety system, then it would be perfect and ready to secure you 24/7. Some might attempt a DIY to create it but for the best results and maximum safety, only professionals should be consulted.

    Horizontal bars

    These are simple stainless steel bars used to create a common safety system. The horizontal bars are higher in number and then a few vertical bars are instead to provide extra stability to the structure. Their installation is quite similar to the cottage pane bars. Due to simplicity, a common presence in the market is quite normal. People can do it themselves easily. However, welding is a bit tricky process and you must hire a professional for joining the bars because if the joints are weak they can be broken down easily. For professional advice, just seek out an experienced professional. 

    See-through bars

    This is an excellent rust-proof system because the transparent bars are made of highly resilient material named polycarbonate. It is made of high-grade plastic material that is not only scratch-proof but bulletproof as well. In addition, because it is transparent it doesn’t block your view which makes it an ideal sea or vacation home. Some experts can combine these bars with a security system for an in-time detection of the breach. So, if you are looking for a hi-tech solution, then this is your chance to get one. Since it is plastic it is quite resistant to moisture.

    Rollers shutters

    It is a unique safety solution where various bars are combined to formulate a shutter. It is installed on the outside above the window. The shutter can be dropped manually or it can be motorized. By combining high-strength material, it creates an impenetrable shield to protect your house. Having a manual version might reduce the price a bit and bring it to your tolerance zone.

    Security upgrades are important and safety bars are full of options that can fit in any ambiance. Still, a basic safety system doesn’t work alone and you might need to consider combining your bar solution with an advanced alarm system. Live monitoring is another appealing way to layer up the security level. It is recommended to work with a security consultant to develop a good safety system for your home because he can efficiently take care of all loopholes in the safety.

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