Citylocal Pro Reveals Top 10 Food Places in America That Will Pump Up Your Valentine’s Day!

So, what’s your plan for this Valentine’s Day? Where have you decided to go with your date? How are you going to make your day memorable?  

Haven’t you decided yet? It's okay! Because Citylocal Pro Has summarized a list of top 10 food brands in America that will help you pump up your Valentine’s Day!  

All of these brands are top-rated and known for the best foods in their respective areas. People have shown positive reviews about their food, atmosphere, staff behavior, and cost-policy.  

After a  keen analysis, we came up with a list of top 10 food brands that you can definitely try in 2020 especially on Valentine’s Day with the one you love the most!

Without wasting any other minute lets begin the countdown!

1.      Shawarma Guys- San Diego, CA

Hello, all shawarma lovers out there. Have you tried Shawarma Guys yet? If not, then get ready to take your date to this stunning place and enjoy delicious food.  

Some prominent features of this restaurant are:

  • They provide catering service
  • Their food is vegetarian-friendly 
  • They offer halal food
  • They provide gluten-free friendly food
  • LGBTQ friendly  

2.      Farmbird – Washington DC

Okay foodies, if you want to try a variety of foods from spicy to healthy then Farmbird is your ultimate destination.  They offer a huge variety of dishes from different cultures and cuisines.  

Some prominent features of this brand are:

  • They provide a separate menu for kids
  • They offer high chairs facility
  • The health score of this restaurant is 95/100
  • They are vegan-friendly

3.      Cocina Madrigal – Phoenix, AZ 

Cocina Madrigal is famous for its Wild Mushroom Enchilada. If you want to refresh your taste buds with something different and delicious then you can count on this restaurant.  

Some prominent features of this place are:

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Provide high chairs
  • Health score 76/100

4.      Soichi Sushi – San Diego, CA 

Soichi Sushi comes at number four on the top 10 food brands list of Citylocal pro. This restaurant is known to offer the best sushi in this area. And its prominent features are

  • High chairs
  • No takeout
  • No delivery
  • They accept credit cards

5.      Pisces Poke & Ramen – Los Angeles, CA 


Pisces Poke & Ramen claims to offer the most delicious and affordable seafood in town and their customers are quite happy with them. The prominent features of this place are:

  • Stroller at table
  • Health score “A”
  • Vegan-friendly option available
  • Soy sauce free option available

6.      Burgerama – Valley Village, CA

Burgerama is the fast-food hub of the town with 299 reviews on their site it comes among the best food brands in America.  Prominent features of this restaurant are:  

  • The vegan-friendly option is available
  • Kid’s menu available
  • High chairs
  • Health score “A”

7.      Yardie Spice – Homestead, FL

Yardie Spice is known to provide versatile food dishes. Some prominent features of this restaurant are:

  • Offer reservations
  • Health score “Pass”
  • Vegan option is available

8.      Southern Charm Cafe – Cape Canaveral, FL

Southern Charm Café is famous for its brunch and breakfast items. Some of the prominent features of this brand are:

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Health score “Pass”
  • Take reservations

9.      Shish Ke Baba – San Francisco, CA 

Shish Ke Baba offers Mexican, Chinese, Italian and Thai food. Prominent features of this brand are:

  • Vegan-friendly
  • High chairs
  • Health score 88/100

10. Roundhouse Deli – Roseville, CA

This restaurant is famous for fast food in the town. Some prominent features of this brand are:  

  • Take reservations
  • They accept credit cards
  • Vegan-friendly

Wrapping It Up:

I hope this list of CitylocalPro will help you make your Valentine’s Day special. Enjoy your day guys. Have fun!

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