Let's Fix This: Sprinkler Head Popping Up But No Water

    sprinkler head popping up but no water

    Is your sprinkler head popping up but no water comes out? We understand that nothing is worse than finding your sprinkler head not working. The hot summer months appear to be hotter and more humid when you turn to your sprinkler, expect a gush of cold water and find nothing!! 

    This post is all about fixing the sprinkler that pops out of the ground but there isn’t any water coming out of it. There can be several reasons behind it! Every year, several of our customers contact us to resolve the issue. Our team of professionally trained experts has helped several yards revive to their lush green look by repairing faulty sprinkler heads. We understand that expertise does not stay that way if you are not sharing the information with the people who need it.

    Read on to learn the causes, how to diagnose the problem and fix it.

    Check If The Sprinkler Head Is Clogged

    If your sprinkler head pops up but no water comes out, it is most likely to be clogged. Over time, the sprinkler nozzle gets clogged due to the deposition of dirt, debris, grass blades, and sand. In earlier stages clogged head causes an erratic pattern of water spray. If left untreated, it may lead to complete blockage. Whenever you experience such a problem, the first step is to carefully analyze the pores of the sprinkler head. The visible dust and debris can be removed by wiping them off. 

    The next step is to ensure the sprinkler system is off. Use a flathead screwdriver to pull up the stem of the sprinkler head. Now secure it in place by using a soft clamping device. This prevents the sprinkler from falling back into the body. Unscrew the head to remove the filter. Tweezers work well for spray heads whereas, for rotors, you need to remove the internal parts to access the filter. 

    Cleanse the clogged pores with a thin wire or a toothbrush. Then turn the system on for a minute to utilize the water force. This step will completely remove the leftover debris. Once you are done, reassemble the nozzle, adjust the water patterns and you are all set to go.

    Is Water Pressure Low?

    Sprinkler head pops up but no water comes out! Another common reason for your problem is low water pressure. Check if the water supply is adequate. In some cases, closed backflow valves prevent water to flow at full pressure. Start by checking the valves and making sure all of them are fully open. Waterline obstruction can also cause low water pressure. You should check the pipes for any blockage or simply contact a team of professionals to fix the issue at reasonable costs.

    Are There Any Leaks In The Pipeline?

    The health of the water line system can directly impact the performance of the water sprinkler system. Any leaks in the pipeline can significantly reduce the water pressure. When the water does not reach the sprinkler head, then it will not pop out of the ground. At times identifying water leakage is quite easy. All you have to do is to look for water puddles near the waterline. At others, it takes a professional inspection to find out the point of water leakage and its possible causes.

    Check Water Sprinkler Controller

    Most modern water sprinklers have sprinkler controllers. When this controller stops working or malfunctions, you may experience the issue of sprinkler head popping up but no water. There are four ways a controller can go wrong. Whether its time dial is not operating, it fails to keep track of time, the controller does not turn in manual mode or it fails to work at auto mode. Reset the controller settings for a temporary fix. If this does not resolve the issue, give us a call. We are ready to serve you with the best sprinkler repair and installation services.

    Look For Broken Heads

    Broken heads generally do not pop up from the ground. Although rare, there is a chance that the sprinkler head is broken yet popping without spraying water. Look for cracked casings and broken plastic pieces near the sprinkler head. The best approach is to get pictures of the broken parts with you and purchase new heads of the same model. Replacing the nozzle head is pretty simple. You need a screwdriver and manual dexterity to finish off the project.

    Fix The Tilted Heads To Restore Water Supply

    Being struck with lawnmowers, natural compaction of soil or foot traffic can cause the sprinkler heads to tilt. You can fix the head by straightening it up or replacing it with a new one. Remove the surrounding sod, lift and straighten the head with firm hands.

    Are you still struggling with a faulty sprinkler head? No need to worry. Search for the companies offering sprinkler system services on our business listing directory, CityLocal Pro.

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