How To Write SEO Friendly Content?

    How To Write SEO Friendly Content?

    As the world of technology progresses forward, people are relying more and more on the virtual world of the internet. You have social networks to connect with your friends and family members, you can book your flights online and get any information you from the world wide web. People are doing more remote jobs such as freelance writing, editing, and SEO marketing and Content Marketing right from their home. It’s a great way to utilize your creativity in the modified writing online world. If you are one of those people, you would know what SEO is.

    It basically searches engine optimization. It is the method of increasing your traffic quantity and quality to your website through organic search engine results. A good SEO will rank your content higher in the search engine results as the search engines do the ranking based on the content most relevant to the users.

    We have some Content Writing Tips for you that will help you SEO Optimize your website online.

    Find The Right Keywords


    If you are a regular content writer or you publish your content on the site frequently, then you should pay more focus on the keyword research. This is important because primary search engines like Google take notice of your work and efforts if you are SEO optimized. See what keywords are highly searched and those which fit within your website too. For example, if you have to write an article for plumbing contractors then you should find relevant keywords such as professional plumbers in your article and not carpet cleaners. To see which keywords are highly searched, you should install SEO quake.

    Using the Finalized Keywords

    In the old days, content writers’ job was only to write content, as much as possible. There wasn’t much focus on anything such as keywords and no one even know what SEO optimization even was. But now everything has changed now. It’s important for you to use the right keywords the right way if you want to compete with the millions of sites already established online. Be sure to use the keywords at least four or five times. Do not put the word in excessively as the website could get banned due to this.

    The primary places where you must be using your keywords are your title and in your initial sub-headings. Then you can use variations of your keyword throughout the content. If you have selected the keyword perfectly, you will not face any issue in fitting your keyword.

    Technical SEO Tips You Need To Know

    Working solely on keywords will not help you achieve your goals. Your website needs to be indexed by search engines such as Google. Site migration and HTTPS enabling across the whole domain is highly important. Covering the basics of technical SEO can help you with being a better SEO writer. A single post will not help you build your ranking. You have to write multiple articles on the same keyword and use previous articles as backlinks. All companies specializing in SEO services will recommend you the same advice.

    Length of Text

    A content of 100 words is not enough and does not even cover the article theme. Your content should be long enough that search engines prefer your content over others. Lots of research has shown that search engines prefer the articles and content written in-depth. The general rule of thumb is that the content should be about 600 words at least.

    Utilize Google Analytics Tool

    Remember that you chose this job because you have an interest in it. Just writing the content and forgetting about it after publishing will not take you anywhere. You have to use some analytics tools to monitor your content. You can register with Google Analytics and use it to review your audience and traffic. You will see what keywords worked and what didn’t. Accordingly, you can focus on using only those keywords that help give your website the most traffic. WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms out there which come with free online PR tools/plugins. Yoast SEO is a great plugin that you should definitely use while you are working.

    Here are all the tips that you need to know in order to help your website rank better on search engines such as Google.

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