How To Treat And Prevent Wood Rot?

    prevention - wood rot

    The problem that can bring your home to crumble is wood rot. It can cause damages by spreading rot and infection can cause structural damages. If you catch it on time, the chances are that you will save a lot of money on repairing your deck as a whole. So, if you want to save all the time and money from recreating the deck, you need to prevent wood rot. However, before finding out the solutions, you may need to make sure that there is wood rot and for confirmation, you can get through the following signs:

    • The patches of wood get dark or light
    • The wood may get soft and spongy
    • Wood will start shrinking
    • A musty smell tells a lot
    • The paint is all messed up

    Once you observe all the above signs or either of them, you need to look for repair solutions. Well, if the signs have just started showing, you still have a chance to prevent it from spreading.

    So, here are some of the preventive measures for wood rot or the ways you can treat it if signs start showing up at any time.

    Start looking for the spots

    It is good to do your weather in the inspection before it changes. The benefits of thoroughly checking the spots will help you encounter the problem early and treat the wood rot as soon as possible.

    • Windows, Dryers, and vents
    • Fireplaces, interior ceilings stains under eaves
    • Leaking gutters and spouts
    • Tree branches close to the siding and roofing
    • Cracked painted surfaces
    • Vents blocked with leaves and debris
    • Twigs between decking boards

    Overall, you need to examine the walls, beneath the sinks, and all the surfaces that might have wood rot.  So, if your house is made of a lot of wood, you need to watch out for a lot of spots before it spread out.

    Can you stop wood rot from spreading?

    Well, yes you can strop wood rot, however, there is a way to follow it. First of all, you will need to kill the fungus to stop wet or dry wood from rotting. The second step is to do everything to get rid of the moisture and poison the microbe.

    How to stop moisture?

    In the case of moisture, the main culprit is often the drainage issue or a leakage in your pipes. So, to prevent the wood rot, you need to fix these leakages points and eliminate any kind of moisture reaching the wood by any means.

    How to kill fungus?

    Normally, boric acid is a great idea for killing the fungus. To avoid wood rot, you can apply it to the wood during the construction phase. It is quite effective in stopping the fungus from growing. So, try it and you might prevent the wood rot from the beginning.

    Tips to treat the Wood rot

    Before you start treating the wood rot, just know that there are two main types of wood rot. The one is wet rot and the other is dry wood rot. So, you have to understand which one you need to treat.

    Wet wood rot treatment:

    The simple way is to eliminate the moisture and then apply the fungicide. Moreover, if you see any damaged wood, you can simply remove it. Then, repair the damaged parts and if it has affected the larger area, you might need to replace it as a whole.

    Dry wood rot treatment:

    Remember that the spread of dry wood rot is quicker than wet. So, the best way to get rid of it is to remove and replace all the affected areas of the wood and later apply the fungicide to avoid future issues.

    How to prevent future wood rot problems?

    Well, you know the treatment and the ways to find out the spot of it. However, there is always a good idea to avoid wood rot and that is to start taking precautionary measures.  Also, the best idea and solution is to prevent the problem rather than fixing it. So, the following are some of the ways you can follow and you won’t have to find solutions for wood rot.

    • Try to seal all the cracks especially around the door and windows by using caulk.
    • Never use the old caulk as the fresh one works better for the permanent and long-lasting solution. And if you can replace it more often, this can be a huge maintenance plan for you.
    • Keep your gutters clean and make sure that you have a profound maintenance plan for it. It is important as the blockages or any leaks may lead to huge problems and also more than just a wood rot issue.
    • Cover the entryways of your home to keep the rain away from it.
    • If your house is exposed to high humidity, you must get the solution for it too and it can be sorted out by using a good dehumidifier.
    • Exhaust fans are important especially in a basement and bathroom to eliminate the steamy air in the rooms.
    • Do not leave the windows or door damaged. Fix the cracking or peeling paint as soon as possible.
    • Sweep clean the water as soon as the rain stops ad a little moisture due to rain can hurt the wood and become a reason for wood rot spread in the house.

    Final Thoughts

    So, if by any chance your house is a delicate piece of art and it is made of wood mostly, you need to learn the tips and prevention solutions for wood rot. If you ignore the signs, you may need to spend more money on repairs and replacement. So, the best option is to prevent wood rot from the beginning and be aware of the best and effective wood rot treatment to deal with it. Now, the quicker you think, the better solution you can find at the end.

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