How To Get Graphite Out Of Carpet?

    graphite stain on carpet

    Is your carpet stained by graphite? Graphite stain on carpet can be quite visible, and you must be feeling perplexed in wondering how to get rid of them. This “how to get graphite out of carpet” guide is for you!

    If you have a carpet spread at your place, we know that you have a totally exclusive and additional stress domain right at your disposal! As much as they look beautiful and luxurious, they ask for maintenance! One of the most common issues that you could have been facing is to deal with the different types of stains your carpet can encounter, without you even noticing. You can even get surprised at the types of stains your carpet can show you sometimes, and you will think “OMG, I didn’t know you have been tolerating this all!!”. The thing is that floors can be wiped easily, and the stains get removed from them, but when it comes to cleaning carpets, they will keep on showing you the stain of the sins... JK, of course. However, stains on carpets can be quite difficult to remove!

    Graphite may be found in daily household products such as pencils, paints, ion batteries, art supplies, dry lubricants, and many others. So getting a graphite stain on carpet is very likely. Coming to the point, let us help you with graphite stain removal from your carpet.

    Methods To Get Rid Of Graphite Stain On Carpet

    We have enlisted some effective methods for graphite stain removal that can help you.

    Use An Eraser

    Yes, you heard it right! An eraser may be very useful in graphite stain removal. Any graphite stain can be removed, if not removed then dimmed. We all have been removing our pencil lead with the help of an eraser. So, we are sure that the first step you should take in removing the graphite stain is to start rubbing an eraser on it. At least the soft and rough work of graphite stain removing will be done with the help of an eraser. Just simply rub the stain with the eraser and remove the eraser dust afterward. You will see a difference instantly.

    Rubbing Alcohol

    If a soft eraser has not been able to make a big difference in the dark and deep graphite stain removal on your carpet, then it is time to move on to rubbing alcohol. First, vacuum the surface and remove any other residue from there. Just make sure that no other kind of stain or dirt stays there as you want to focus more deeply on the targeted graphite stain. Now you may take the help of alcohol and rub it on the stain with the help of a towel. Try to stroke the target part of the carpet. Now, rinse the affected area of the carpet with warm water. By that time, a mediocre stain should be gone.

    Detergent Solution

    Allow the liquid detergent to work if the stain persists. First, vacuum the place again. Now, you need to apply liquid detergent or detergent water to the stained area of the carpet and let it set for few minutes. Then, using a gentle touch, attempt to imply little strokes all over the stain. After that, rinse that section with warm water to avoid producing a mess. This should remove the stain. However, there is a tip that try to use a different type of detergent rather than laundry detergent. Because laundry detergents sometimes contain brighteners in them that can mess up the color of the carpet by dying it. Similarly, laundry detergent should also be avoided since it has the potential to bleach a fabric. So, stick to making your own detergent solution.

    But if the stain is still not gone, you can now move to the stronger step.

    Hydrogen Peroxide Mix

    In this step, you need to get a hydrogen peroxide mix and apply it to the stained area. You have to cover it with something like a thick towel and then let it sit for approximately 30 minutes. Ascertain that the stain is completely covered and that no light is present, as light may change the chemical properties of the hydrogen peroxide mixture. You need to be very careful during these 30 minutes and should try to keep a sharp eye on the risk of color loss of the carpet. After 30 minutes, rinse the area with warm water and vacuum the space.

    The strongest of the graphite stain is expected to be gone by then!

    These are few steps that have proven to be helpful in the graphite stain removal from carpet quite effectively. From using an eraser to hydrogen peroxide mix, you can pretty much deal with the graphite stain removal of all levels of intensity!

    This is it from our side on how to get graphite out of carpet. If this guide helped you, share your experience with us. Share some other amazing hacks you have to remove graphite stain on carpet. Use our comment section below for feedback or to share a magical hack you have.

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