Best Methods And Tools To Cut Vinyl Siding

    How To Cut Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl siding is known as the most durable material that can upsurge the appeal of your property. This results in longevity for years and also the value of the property enhances. Use of sidings for several circumstances and their cutting depending on what is required. The installation of Vinyl is easy but cutting the Vinyl is as there are manifold techniques that you have to follow.

     A siding protects the whole foundation of your home. This article will give you insights into the best methods of how to cut vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is the convenient siding material that you can cut, as many of the routine tools can be utilized to make it right.

    Best Methods To Cut Vinyl Siding:

    There are three ways of cutting vinyl siding that may work according to the situation. Make vertical cuts in the strips. A circular saw is a swift method of cutting it more comprehensively. In addition, you could further utilize tin snips to cut the Vinyl making the vertical cuts possibly.  When you want to get control of the length of Vinyl, you can also use the utility knife. It can be used horizontally.

    Using a circular saw is not a big deal as long as you cognize the way to utilize a blade correctly. For smaller jobs, handsaws and tin snips can be adequate. You can also use a plain utility knife for the longitudinal cuts in the vinyl siding plank.

    Marking Cutting Lines & Scoring Vinyl Planks:

    It would help if you had a carpenter's square to make an accurate perpendicular drawn line after taking the most accurate measurements. You should always draw the line on the back of the plank to avoid its visibility afterward. It can also save you from a chip out on the plank when you utilize the power saw.

    After the completion of crosscutting, you can begin with the longitudinal cuts. Always choose a straightedge when you are drawing the segregation lines.

    Small Vertical Cuts:

    This sort of short vertical cut can be feasible with the help of circular power saw as this is the best way of making the short vertical cuts.

    • Use a measuring tape to discover the length of your siding pieces, and then mark each of the pieces with the use of a marker on the underside (where you won't see it when it's installed. So, you'll know how long it should be.
    • Make use of a -toothed plywood-cutting blade to equip your circular saw (installed backward for the cleanest cuts).
    • Put your safety goggles on first, and then align your blade with the spot on your siding where you want to cut.

    Furthermore, you can use the table's edge as a guide, slowly saw away the excess siding from the board. A carpenter's square could be placed beneath your siding strip to improve the accuracy of your cut.

    Bigger Vertical Cuts:

    When you look upon making the long vertical cuts, using tin snips instead of the circular saw is a more recommended way. Use a measuring tape and marker to get to know where cuts are required in vinyl siding. Ultimately, it is the best way of making the longer cuts, ensuring that the best safety measures are used.

    • Handle it in an unwavering position and use the other hand to make cuts near the mark using your tin snips. Also, assure that you close tin snips two-third of the way
    • Consequently, snip the siding till the end, and as follows, repeat this method on other pieces.

    Best Tools To Cut Vinyl Siding:

    • Vinyl Cutting Blade
    • Rotary Tool

    Vinyl Cutting Blade:

    The professional siding installers are well aware of the consequences.  They know more about how a conventional circular saw blade can make thin materials like vinyl if not used properly.

     The traditional approach followed is the plywood cutting blade that has significant tooth factors and installing it on the back of the circular saw. This technique sometimes makes the saw disgruntled, and it gets hard to control it, and your plank can exacerbate. Overviewing these potential threats, the blade manufacturers got the vinyl cutting blades which is far more reasonable than installing any other blade on the back of the saw.

    Overlaying the plank on the workbench only allows a small portion of it to overhang. Allow the vinyl blade to thoroughly cut with a depth of 3 to 4 inches while making the crosscuts. Utilizing this immaculate material virtually guarantees a clean cut. 

    Rotary Tool:

    Moreover, when cutting the vinyl sidings, a zip tool or rotary tool can also be utilized. You can fit it with the mini saw blade. It is the sort of cutting that resembles drilling. It is a reasonable option to follow if the siding is already in place and you require cutting a hole for the installation of the vent or electrical box.


    When rendering a DIY job, everyone is inclined to consider a more viable method.  Utilize a more workable strategy. The above-listed methods are the methods suggested by experts. You can utilize the method that suits you. Make this rest assured to follow safety guidelines from getting any injury or damage.

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