How Can I Get A License For Towing Business In Florida?

    Starting a towing business in Florida

    The towing business is an extremely easy one to start, even with a small capital investment. In the state of Florida, there are certain rules and regulations which one has to comply with to start a towing business in the state. How to start a towing business in Florida? The answer to this question lies ahead which, no doubt, will clarify every query that you might have about starting a towing business in Florida. 

    How To Start A Towing Business In Florida

    Taking the licensing exam:

    The first step in starting a towing business in Florida is to obtain a driver’s license issued by the Florida Department of Highway and Safety and Motor Vehicles (DMV). This exam consists of two parts: the written exam and the road driving test. Every candidate has to pass both parts to obtain the license.  You have to pass a specific exam based on the weight class of the truck you wish to operate. For a tow truck, you have to pass a class “A” exam. Therefore, before taking the exam, check the DMV website and consult the handbook provided on it. From it, you will be able to know about the exam appropriate for the weight class of your truck. You have to pass the exam with passing marks of 70% to qualify for the license. Afterward, you will get the Florida Commercial Driving License (CDL).

    Find a tow truck:

    The second step in starting a towing business in Florida, after passing the license exam, is to find a tow truck and a place to operate the business from. You can check the online auctions for a suitable tow truck or you may find one at a local repair shop. Afterward, you have to determine from where you are going to operate the business. Some areas might allow you to operate your business from your home, but you have to check with the zoning department to confirm this. Usually, a towing business is operated from a garage or a similar area. Hence, you can check CityLocal Pro for finding areas that are suitable for a towing business. The most appropriate place to start a towing business in an urban area. Urban areas have a lot of traffic, and no shortage of accidents either. Therefore, by establishing your business in such an area, you can generate a consistent cash flow and can be readily available to reach out to people in need of towing their vehicles.

    Register your business name:

    What you need to do next is to register your business with the state of Florida. Find the website to check whether your business name is registered before or not. After that, you just have to pay the fee and download the charter page. The fee is usually under $100.

    Find drivers:

    Now, you have to find the drivers for your truck or trucks. You can hire them from any Florida-approved driving school. You can either drive the trucks yourself or hire people that can drive the trucks on your behalf.

    Creating an online presence:

    After you have done establishing your business, you can then create your online presence by making a website of your business. You can do that by buying a domain name with the help of a hosting company. You can also list your business on CityLocal Pro for increasing your customers. CityLocal Pro can help people in need of a tow truck connect with your company if you operate in that specific region. This way, not only your outreach will increase, but there will be new additions to your customer lists.

    The state of Florida provides ample opportunity to people aspiring to start a towing business. Hence, even with an insubstantial capital, you can easily start a towing business, either from your home or a small garage, and can expand your business operations with the help of directories like CityLocal Pro.


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