Indian food has garnered praises from all around the world because of its aromatic flavors and versatility. If you are a true foodie looking for the best Indian food in Sugar Land, your search ends here. We have put together a list of some of the finest Indian restaurants in the area. They provide for all palettes and known for employing artisan ways to satisfy the patrons. They make delicacies from scratch each day using home-ground spices and herbs to maintain the authentic flavor and aroma. They cater to both vegans and meat-loving clients by offering plenty of vegetables and meat items. The places are casual with inclusive vibes to give you the idea of hospitality and acceptance. You can hire their catering services for casual or formal get-togethers to share your love for food with others. So, visit the locations or order your food online now!

16338 Kensington Dr. Suite #160, Sugar Land, Texas, United States

Review by Atika Zubaidah in USA

I enjoyed delicious mouthwatering food. Highly recommended! More...

15425 Southwest Fwy, Sugar Land, Texas, United States

Review by Hooda Hadeel in USA

I visited Mai Colachi with my family and I must say, I had the best experience with them. The food was very delicious, t... More...

3559 Hwy 6, Sugar Land, Texas, United States

Review by Makkiyah Samaha in USA

My friends know that Indian food is my favorite and they also know we I miss my native food so they called me at Naseeb... More...

1401 Hwy 6, Sugar Land, Texas, United States

Review by Aqil Riyad in USA

Did you try family meal of Panda Express Chinese Restaurant? If you don’t then I must insist you should. It was mouthwat... More...

12920 University Blvd Suite 100, Sugar Land, Texas, United States

Review by Luban Ru'a in USA

Having an Asian taste bud is a great hassle. It was a month since I was craving Indian cuisine. Thanks to Shahi Darbar I... More...

11929 University Blvd #1a, Sugar Land, Texas, United States

Review by Raneem Haik in USA

I had never eaten any Indian food but because of my bestie insistence, I had to order their complete course. It was quit... More...