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  Food Retail
1401 State Hwy. 6, Sugar Land, Texas, United States

Panda Express Chinese Restaurant is the world leader when it comes to finding top-quality Asian, Chinese, and continental food to the locals of Sugar Land. From our world famous orange chicken to our health-minded wok smart selections, we define American Chinese cuisine served with bold flavors and fresh ingredients. We prepare each dish fresh every day so that you can enjoy your favorite food with the best experience. We always try to create flavorful variety in our dishes to give your taste buds an amazing experience. Our professional team really works hard to make recipe adjustments according to the desires and requirements of our clients. Our most rates dishes are Chow Mein and Eggplant Toftu in which we strive to remove animal products for a few clients. Visit us now or place your order online!

User Reviews (2)
Aqil Riyad

Did you try family meal of Panda Express Chinese Restaurant? If you don’t then I must insist you should. It was mouthwatering. The fragrance, the texture everything was awesome. Highly recommend.


Izdihaar Raja

I was craving Chinese like crazy since my 1st trimester. i had tasted every Chinese restaurant near me but I found the Panda Express Chinese Restaurant the best. Highly recommend.


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