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Shahi Darbar Indo-Pak Cuisine


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  Food Retail
12920 University Blvd Suite 100, Sugar Land, Texas, United States

Looking for 100% halal food in Sugar Land TX? Contact Shahi Darbar Indo-Pak Cuisine right away. We provide healthy fine Indian and Pakistan cuisine dishes to dine in and take away for our valuable Indian and Pakistani clients. We serve authentic Indo-Pak food with cooked with our cultural spices to make feel the taste of your homes. We have decorated our restaurant as a predominantly contemporary décor that is surrounded by modern lights on the walls under a huge home in the center. Because we believe that the ambiance makes the difference when it comes to fine dining. Along with this, we also organize corporate meetings, functions, unique events, and many more special parties. Visit now or place your order online!

User Reviews (2)
Luban Ru'a

Having an Asian taste bud is a great hassle. It was a month since I was craving Indian cuisine. Thanks to Shahi Darbar Indo-Pak Cuisine I was able to enjoy spice tikka. It reminded me of my hometown. Highly recommend.


Zakiyah Daniyah

I didn’t know that Shahi Darbar Indo-Pak Cuisine can be this tasty. I visited a restaurant ‘Shahi Darbar Indo-Pak Cuisine’ it has a nice interior but the food was soooo much delicious. Now I understand why people were so crazy about it.


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