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Looking for best contractors for tile installation in Miami, Fl but do not know where to look for them? Well, don't worry! CityLocal Pro presents a list of Best tile installation service providers located in Miami, FL for you to choose from. All you have to do is to compare their offered services and pick one for yourself that fits the best with your requirements. Be assured that these service providers are chosen and sorted here on the basis of multiple deciding factors such as their reliable services, dependability, customer service, prompt response channel, proactive business approach, steadfastness, agile and robust team, latest & state of the art equipment, and the degree of the client satisfaction.

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Q1: How Long Does Tile Installation Take?

Ans: Tile installation can be complete within a few hours in some rooms while it may take days in others. A professional tile installation company takes about one complete day for a medium-sized regular rectangular room. Several factors affect installation times. The first and most obvious is the size and layout of the room. If it is a smaller room such as a bathroom, the installation is completed within a few hours. The next important factor is the subflooring. Subflooring must be flat to ensure quick tile installation. The tile cut and curing process are other key factors in determining the time taken for installation.

Q2: How Much Does It Cost for Tile Installation?

Ans: The tile installation cost falls between $15 to $20 per square foot. The costs include the materials and installation services. If you are not good at measuring, an average backsplash will cost you about $1500 whereas a countertop is for $3500. For 200 square foot floor, the costs range between $3000-$4000. It is important to remember that the quality of materials and professional competence of the installation professional affect the average costs. If you are hiring the best tile contractor in town prepared to pay about double the price for the installation. You can choose anything from high-end designer tiles to the least expensive ceramic tiles.

Q3: What Size Trowel Should I Use to Set My Tile?

Ans: Tile trowels come in many different shapes and sizes. The typical range is from a 3/16″ v-notch up to the 1/2″ square notch. In general, you need the trowel size to match up to the tile size. The larger the tile, the larger the trowel. So, the key factor is the tile size. For Mosaic tiles up to 4-1/2″ glazed wall tile, get a 3/16″ to 1/4″ V-notch trowel.  You will need 1/2″ x 1/2″ U or Square notch for 16″ tiles and larger.
The second important consideration is where the tiles will be set, on the ceilings, or the floors and walls.