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Q: Does my car's windshield really protect me?
Yes, your car windshield really protects you. A windshield is one of the most important safety constraints in your vehicle. It provides strength to the car and serves as support for the vehicle cabin. It also prevents the roof from crushing you if you roll over. Besides, a windshield deploys the airbags during an accident, so that the passenger does not hit the glass head first. It not only protects you during an accident, but it also provides protection against harmful UV rays. Therefore, always make sure to get the windshield installed properly by getting in touch with the right Auto Glass Repair in Fort Worth, TX.

Q: How soon can I drive my car after my car glass is replaced?
A: You can usually drive your car away one hour after the glass is being replaced in Fort Worth, TX
. However, a windshield usually takes about three hours to dry. It is recommended not to drive the vehicle for a day to be on the safer side. However, if you have gotten the windows repaired or the side windows are replaced, you can drive the car immediately. Make sure you get in touch with a top leading company to get an auto glass repair or replacement in Fort Worth TX, because they make sure to use top-quality material. The experienced company will also promise a one-hour drive away time.