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700 US-46 #8,, Clifton, New Jersey, United States

1033 Clifton Ave,, Clifton, New Jersey, United States

15 Holly St, Clifton, New Jersey, United States


Q1: How Long Will This Water Restoration Process Take?

Ans: There are three types of water damages. The first one is pure water damage caused by a busted pipeline or by rainfall. This requires more than 72 hours for the water damage to dry. The second and third one is grey & black water damage. This is often caused by the overflown toilet or leakages in the sewerage system. This requires more time for restoration than pure water damage. Usually, it takes several weeks or in savior cases, the restoration and disinfection duration can take a few months. Unlike a wooden floor that requires 1 week to dry, concrete water damage restoration takes up to several months.

Q2: How Much Does A Water Damage Cleanup Cost?

Ans: The first thing that the water damage restoration contractor inspect is the type of damage and the area per square. Depending on these two the contractor charges the water restoration charges. the average cost is between 3 dollars to 8 dollars per square. In addition to this, the restoration cost varies depending on the damage category. Typically, the roof and ceiling repair cost between 300 dollars to 1450 dollars. Similarly, the basement cost ranges from 450 dollars to 90k dollars. Yet, the drywall & floor water damage cleanup average cost is 400 dollars to 800 dollars.

Q3: What Are the Most Common Signs of Water Damage?

Ans: Spotting water damage is often easier. For residential water damages, the most common sign of water damage includes wet and dark water spots either on the ceiling or on the wall, cracks in drywall, water drop, or moist and humid atmosphere in the attic, basement, or in any room. Another common sign includes a sudden surge in utility bills. Besides this, mold formation, mold spots, and discoloration marks are the common alarming sign of water damages. Most of these signs are often caused by hidden leakages or busted pipeline. Therefore, such damage requires instant attention and professional’s help to prevent further deterioration.