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Trying to find the best plumbers in Portland Maine, well, let us help you do just that with just one simple tip that you should always keep in mind: make sure whoever you hire is licensed. And why should you be sure about that? Let us tell you.

First and foremost, hiring a licensed plumber gives you some legal benefits that you would surely want to hand. They are certified with working in the plumbing industry under the rules and regulations set by the State itself to make sure that all plumbing services are working in a standardized and best way possible to aid their customers. Also, this helps to make sure that the company went through proper procedures and practices to be certified as a plumbing service that can be trusted by its customers throughout the place. Hence, allowing customers to not worry about any sort of fraud or dishonestly from the functional policies of the plumbing service they hire.

Also, this allows the workers to provide up to the mark plumbing services to their customers, making sure that each and every issue is sorted out in the best possible way and that too with the best set of skills and expertise that each and every licensed plumber shows. Be it a need of hiring one of the many emergency plumbing services, or just bringing someone in for a casual inspection, do not forget their license because that is something that goes a long way in getting quality work done for all your plumbing issues.


1- What Kind of Low-Flow Toilets Do You Recommend?

If you are working towards achieving some sort of water conservation, then low-flow toilets are just the right thing for you. And if you ask us for recommendations, we will say that Close Coupled as well as Elongated Toilets work much better than fine under this category. They not only are affordable for almost each and every one of you out there, but they surely add to the design as well as the functionality of your average toilet. Not to mention that great range of colors to choose from. However, when it comes to which company to get these from, that is completely your decision which you will take after doing your own research.

2- How Do I Unclog My Main Sewer Line?

To do this, you first need to inspect your main sewer line to pinpoint the exact location of the clog. This can be done simply with the help of a camera. Now that you have identified the clog, it is better to invest in a plumbing snake for the easiest unclogging procedure out there. You can find this easily from any home depot store. Use it according to the instructions provided to unclog your main sewer line. 
However, if this does not work, then it is a good idea to hire a professional who can inspect and undertake the necessary processes to ensure complete unclogging of the mainline as it would require a big amount of hard work.

3- Why Is My Toilet Always Running?

In the case of a running toilet, there are three things that you need to check for and then fix: an unsuitable float height, a flapper that is leaking, and an elongated refill tube. Make sure that you lower the float by loosening or tightening the screw or clip present on the float arm. For a leaking flapper, a simple replacement is needed by getting one from any home store and following the instructions provided with it to replace the faulty flapper in the toilet. To shorten the refill tube, pull it out slightly from over the water and trim from just above the opening of the overflow. Also, it is handy to secure it along the side of the overflow to make sure it does not lose its place, and by these simple things, you can surely get the overflowing toilet under control.