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Every person has faced a locked-out situation at least once in his life. If you are among those lucky individuals who still have not faced this situation, imagine you are in a hurry to reach somewhere important, and you leave your keys inside the home or your car while it is locked. Now, you can have an idea of being locked out of your own home or car. In this situation, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Yes, a professional locksmith service company that is reliable and can fix your problem quickly. 

Professional locksmiths are competent, trained, and skilled to get you out of situations like these shortly. These licensed locksmiths not only open or remake a locked door’s key, but they can also skillfully new install locks, repair, and replace lock’s parts. Locksmiths are experienced and possess vast knowledge about the types of lock, their makes, models, and how to deal with them. 

Moreover, hiring a reputable and reliable locksmith service company is very important. Do not install a new lock yourself if you don’t know how to install it properly because it matters to your family and your safety. We know all about when it comes to the security of family, it is never negotiable. However, you can rely on a locksmith in Wasilla, AK, as many of them are reputable. They will not disappoint their customers because they care about their reputation and name in the neighborhood. It would be suggested you ask for referrals from your mates and relatives not to worry about hiring anyone.


Q1: Are You A Licensed, Bonded, And Insured Locksmith?

Ans: A licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith is someone you can trust without having a second thought. It is very significant for a professional locksmith to be licensed because many states demand a license to provide their service in that state. Similarly, insured locksmiths purchase liability which means our clients and technicians will not be charged if any damage happens on the worksite. On the other hand, a bonded locksmith is bonded as soon as he pays the fees. So, yes, we are a licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith, ensuring that your security issue is in the safe hands when you decide to hire us.

Q2: Can I Use The Same Key For All Of My Locks?

Ans: Yes, this can be possible; you can use the same key for all of your locks. You can do this by requesting the locksmith to make a special key that can unlock all your locks. However, if you will use one key for every one of them, it will be a risky thing for you. It is because if you, unfortunately, lose your one key, you will end up having no way to unlock any locks. On the other hand, if someone steals that special key, all of your locks are no longer secure and protected. In the end, you have to change all your locks and knobs again.

Q3: Do You Charge A Service Fee To Come To Our House Or Business And Look At Our Locks?

Ans: Usually, several companies have different extra charges apart from the service fee. But, our company tries to provide our customers with no extra fee or any shocking bills. We are determined not to surprise our customers and clear all the confusion or queries about any service charge before the work. Therefore, you can completely count on us and not be worried that our company services will cost you any extra fees for coming to your houses and business to look at your locks. So, feel free to contact us with no doubts and no extra service fee.