We are a quality service providing locksmith in Allentown PA. For years, we have served the community with a broad range of locksmith services including local repair, rekey, lock installation, and other related work. Our company is a go-to shop to ensure maximum security and protection. This makes us rank among the best locksmith companies in Allentown PA.

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Our customer support works day and night to make your experience with us as seamless as possible. In the line of duty, we transcend the lines of the norm and go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied with our work. Also, our helplines entertain clients throughout the day for assistance and consultation.


Our clients refer us to their friends and relatives whenever they are in need of locksmith services. This shows their trust in our services that cover all the bases and more. So, whenever you need the best locksmith in Allentown PA, feel free to connect with us for quality services!

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1- What does rekeying my lock means?

The process of rekeying any locks is to change the current code of your locks. The old codes are deleted and new ones are inserted which are nowhere near like the old ones. The best locksmith will provide codes that you can change frequently. 

2- If I have an alarm system, do I need to invest in locks separately?

A simple alarm system is not enough to keep burglars away. You must invest in good quality locks that are connected with your alarm system.

3- How can I make sure that I have hired a legit locksmith and not a scam artist?

The best way to avoid a scam or a criminal from posing as a locksmith is to seek referrals from your family, neighbors, and friends. Make sure you check the original licensing of any locksmith who comes to visit you. When the person visits your home, always ask for their identification and work permit copy. Then allow them to work on your security systems.