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To find the best landscaping companies in Fredericksburg VA is a huge task. To ease you, all the top-tier landscape service providers are gathered in one platform by CityLocal Pro. It takes no time for customers to hire a good service just like that. All these companies have an adequate amount of experience on their credit which allows them to market their services to the masses. They have employed the best people on the job who are skilled and trained to do the job according to the customer specifications. Some of these landscapers also offer free estimates on their lawn care services. Reviews are also updated to help new potential clients comprehend how well a company performs and what the priorities of customer satisfaction are. Read the reviews and select the most suited one.


Q1: How much does a landscaping company charge?

Different landscape service providers have different prices, but on average landscapers charge around $45 to $75 per hour. Established landscaping companies in Fredericksburg VA charge this amount (or even more), however, new entrants in the market may charge less. It also depends on the type of lawn care service you look for; the charge may again differ. For instance, you plan to Xeriscape your yard, this could cost you anywhere between $13,000 to $13,500. Or if you suddenly decide that you want to install a pond or a fountain in the yard, they can add another $3,000 to $4,000 to the bill. The companies can give you the right quote only when you tell them what changes to make as some of the factors that make it pricier are in the list or not? Also, if partial landscaping or just a maintenance service is needed, this can also play with your pocket well.

Q2: What is the most expensive part of landscaping?

There is no set rule of what is the most expensive part of a lawn care service, but generally, most people agree upon the trees and plantations as being the costliest ones. Larger tree specimens are no wonder quite expensive than the poor specimens. The average cost of a good tree will be anywhere between $150 to $200. If you go a bit more selective for quality, you might get one for around $300 to $600. And apart from the price of the tree, there are extra labor costs also, that is not being considered right now. Greenery can cost you very high as a single layer of mulch can cost $75 per cubic yard or more (installed). And this may also vary according to the quality of it. Landscaping companies in Fredericksburg VA can only help you in the case where you give your hired landscapers the right guidelines of what you want. Get your quote today!