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Indian Restaurants in San Francisco, CA

We help you in finding the best Indian restaurants in San Francisco, CA. Top Indian restaurants of San Francisco. So, Start ordering because there’s plenty! To find the best Indian food in San Francisco, we have put together a list where you can find the most loved desi food joints in the area. These places are owned and operated by expatriates from India with years of experience and knowledge of how to prepare and serve native delicacies. They are renowned to cook dishes from scratch each day, using indigenous herbs and spices to give the food an aromatic presence and signature taste. The menu is diverse with vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories full of appetizers, main courses, and delicious desserts to end your meal as it should. Indian food in San Francisco is very popular and that’s why there are multiple channels from where you can order your food if you are not feeling to go out. Next time, there are guests who love spiced-up food, you can never go wrong with these places. So, grab your napkin and start ordering!