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Many people are partial to authentic Indian food, prepared with abundant spices and herbs that provide its characteristic aroma. The reality is a lot of aficionados cannot locate the best restaurant because they don’t know the location and the reception of food and the vibes of the place. That’s why we have provided a list of the best Indian restaurants in NYC, NY. They are among the top joints with a significant following for their spiced-up flavors and true Indian cuisine.

Indian Restaurants NYC

Not only they provide the best Indian delicacies, they give a small but significant display of the culture and hospitality. They all have diverse menus to serve all, irrespective of the dietary restrictions and palette sensitivity. Indian food works best in an “artisan” way and they are famous to make each dish from scratch with home-ground spices every day. If you are a real foodie, they are the must-visit joints in New York City, NY, USA.


Q: Why You Should Visit Indian Restaurants In NYC?

A: Sure, you can order fast food or fine dining in a fancy restaurant, but why do you want to taste the same type of food when you have the option to eat Indian food as well? That’s right guys, Indian food is famous for its scrumptious flavor all around the world. So, if you are looking for something that spices up your appetite and makes you want to eat more, then definitely you need to visit the best Indian Restaurants in NYC. Trust me, from chicken tikka masala to palak paneer and a lot more, you’ll always have a lot to look forward to.

Q: Why Indian Cuisine Restaurants Are Famous In NYC?

A: It doesn’t matter whether you live in NYC or in any other part of the world, the Indian Cuisine is famous for its hodgepodge of ingredients and their intoxicating aromas. The mix of spice and everything nice is often more than not a revelation for the people who sit down to eat it for the very first time. There is a heavy dose of Cayenne, Tamarind, cardamom, and other flavor-infused spices that are not familiar to a lot of palates. In short, Indian cuisine is a mixture of everything that is different from what people in the US, and even in Western Culture have to offer.

Q: What Food to Eat at Indian Restaurants Of NYC?

A: The list of food that you really need to eat at Indian restaurants in NYC are:

  1. Papdi Chat
  2. Samosa
  3. Naan
  4. Paratha
  5. Masala Daal
  6. Chicken Tikka Masala
  7. Raita
  8. Daal
  9. Butter Chicken
  10. Saag Paneer
  11. Vindaloo
  12. Rogan Josh

These are really some of the many dishes that are loved all around the world. So, you really need to try them.