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7060 103rd St #120, Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Review by Jennifer B. Peterson in USA

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6334 Philips Hwy Suite 101, Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Review by Douglas K. Vierra in USA

This company was recommended to me by my close friend. I was a bit shaky at first because not all companies specialize i... More...

1403 Cassat Ave, Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Review by Maurice A. Carnes in USA

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How do you fix a residential glass window?

Glass window breakage is a normal part of owning a house. However, getting them repaired or replaced by highly skilled professionals can often burn a hole in your pockets. That’s right, experts who offer window repair in Jacksonville FL will charge a lot of money just to repair the window. But, you can also do the same job. First, remove the broken glass, and clean the frame. Now, measure the frame and buy a glass of precise size. Mount the glass on the frame and secure it perfectly. Now it’s time for you to place the repaired window back in its place.

What is the cheapest way to replace Windows?

Keeping in mind that on average, a window replacement project will cost you $170 - $700 per window. However, if you wish to hire a professional company for window replacement in Jacksonville FL, you can expect to pay them the same price. Whereas, if you wish to replace a window at a cheaper price, you can buy material of low-quality. Not good enough? Well, you can also stick to the most common window styles; they are not too expensive to buy.

What is the best way to repair the glass at home?

The best way to repair glass at home is by first cleaning the glass with dish soap, as this will allow you to remove the dust from the glass surface. Now, mix up two parts of epoxy. Apply the epoxy on the cracked area with a knife or a flat blade. Once you’ve placed the epoxy on the cracked area, you need to remove the excess with a sharp blade and let the rest mixture to cure. Now, that the mixture is dried, you need to spiff it up with a glass cleaner. This all can be done without hiring an expert for glass repair in Jacksonville FL.