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Rugs vs. Carpets: How do you clean them?

Whether you have a rug or a carpet they are both exposed to spilling, you can do whatever you want but you won’t be able to avoid spilling unless you seal them. The risk of exposure increases when your rug or carpet has a place in a commercial area or you have kids in the family. The kids are automatically attracted to the rugs because of the fluff and usually it’s their favorite playing area.  The following tips can help your carpets or rugs maintain a fresh look for a longer time.

Define your requirements

First thing’s first, before hiring someone for carpet cleaning in Manassas VA take a look at your requirements. The terminologies rug or carpet are often used interchangeably and create unnecessary confusion. So, get a clear picture that whether you have a rug or a carpet, because the cleaning approach may change slightly depending on the requirements. If you can’t do it yourself, then ask a friend to differentiate them for you. 

Want to hire someone or DIY make a decision

It is a known fact that carpet cleaning is not rocket science and given the right tools you can do it yourself. So, make a decision whether you want to hire carpet cleaners or do it personally. The cleaning cost might be able to help you decide about the matter. If you do it yourself, then it is going to be a lot more economical as compared to a hired help.  

The suitable season for cleaning

This is probably one of the decisive factors about the carpet or rug cleaning. You probably know that the carpet or a rug might take a couple of days to be dried off. Usually, a carpet is way bigger than a rug and needs excessive time for drying naturally. Whereas a rug can be dried off with a little effort. Therefore, summer is a good season for both carpet or rug cleaning if you want to do it personally. Whereas, a rug can be cleaned in winters as well due to its size.

Learn about the materials

If you are on a quest to clean your carpet or rug yourself, then it is of utmost importance to learn a few things about your carpets. Like, find out more about the carpet material because synthetic fibers can be cleaned with a litter effort. Whereas cleaning the natural fibers can be a tedious task due to the porosity of the fibers that absorb spilling readily. So, get yourself familiarize with the material before cleaning.

Choose suitable cleaning products

Purchasing the cleaning product for your rugs or carpet is probably the only cleaning cost you’d face. So, make sure you buy something suitable. The decision to make a choice about these products would be a lot easy because now you know more about your carpet material. Do read the instructions before purchasing and using them on your rugs or carpets because an inadequate use of cleaning agents might damage the colors of your flooring solution. 

Different cleaning area requirements

Now that you know the basic difference between the carpets and rugs, hence it’s not difficult to tell that they both require a different washing area. Since a carpet is a lot bigger as compared to a rug, therefore it needs more area for cleaning. However, you can easily manage a rug with a small cleaning area. Find a suitable place where you can hang your carpet or rug for easy cleaning. You may also select the backyard with proper drainage. 

Consider hiring professionals

If you are cleaning your flooring solution yourself that doesn’t mean that professionals exist for nothing. The professionals can do it a lot better and a lot faster. In addition, they are not bound to seasonal cleaning because they have proper cleaning and drying areas that are suitable for both summers and winters. 

Wrong choices can make your carpet cleaning quest into a nightmare if you are not being careful. There are several things you need to pay attention to. Like teamwork is important, because you might be able to clean a rug all by yourself but carpet is another story. So, team-up with your friends or plan it with your kids for the best results.


Q1: What are the benefits of hiring carpet cleaners?

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is something that you would never have experienced before. The scale of cleaning and satisfaction is on a whole different level. The carpet cleaners in Manassas VA know exactly which cleaning agents have to be used for a particular material. Using the right cleaning recipe not only removes all the stains effectively but also restores the refreshing look of a rug. If you truly value your carpet and want an extended lifespan, then always select the best carpet cleaning service.

Q2: Where can I find a professional carpet cleaning company?

The quest to find the best carpet cleaning in Manassas can turn out to be very challenging if you don’t have any previous experience. The professional carpet cleaning companies always leave a trail of success stories to find them. Your references are the biggest asset that you can use to find them. You can also search online and see the customer satisfaction rate to narrow it down to fewer companies. Talk to a couple of satisfied customers who can guide you to whom to call for the best cleaning.

Q3: How do I hire best carpet cleaning services in manassas?

Hiring reliable carpet cleaning services can be a tedious task, because you may require proof of work for satisfaction. Still you there’s a smart way to do it. You can start by looking at the company credentials to see whether a company is valid or not. It would be great if the company is affiliated with the BBB. Another good approach is to find out if the company has relevant certifications and necessary experiences for cleaning. You can formulate a basic checklist to do so.