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How much does auto glass repair cost?

Moving to a hilly station with a broken auto glass can lead to a serious accident. A minor crack must be repaired immediately to stop growing it further. The more the damage, the more it will cost. Making it more clearly, it depends on the type of repair or the depth of damage. Also, it depends on the contractor you are working with. Auto glass repair cost varies according to the crack size, depth, location, and type of vehicle. It also depends on the type of quote you selected from the contractor. Never rely on a single quote. Try to get 3-4 quotes from different companies to compare the costs. If you have your vehicle insurance, check if it covers the loss.

According to the National Windshield Repair Association, the average cost for auto glass replacement is approximately $350 while auto glass repair is near $99. These prices vary from company to company and types of damage as well.

Factors that affect the windshield repair cost:

Following are the factors that repairing costs

  1. Type of vehicle: If you have a standard car then luckily it will charge less. But if you have a luxury car like Audi, it may cost more due to their specific dimensions.

  2. Sensors: Sensors in some vehicles are based on the windshield charge more because it will require glass repairing along with the sensors as well.

  3. More than 3-inches cracks: 3-inch crack is easy to repair and cost less. But if you go out of this range you have to pay more.

  4. Location of the crack: Vehicles consist of many glasses attached to their main screen, doors, etc. The location of the crack will affect greatly the price. Also, the location matters when the crack is in the middle of the glass or at the right.

  5. Type of damage: There are different types of auto glass damages like floater crack, half-moon, combination crack, edge crack, etc. So, the price varies according to the damage.

  6. Car insurance: If you have insured your car by some insurance company, then there are chances that they will pay the repairing cost and you can save your own.

  7. Low-quality glass: If the car glass is of poor quality then it will do the same damages and cracks again and again. In this case, it’s better to make a replacement instead of being charged again and again for the repair process.

  8. Selection of quotes: Certain companies charge less to serve their customers. While hiring a company compare the quotes to select the cheap services for the repair. The best selection can save your cost and do the repair less amount.

Find quality auto repair

To save costs, find the best quality services within your budget. Never miss the step of getting a free price estimate before hiring a contractor. If you have insurance for your vehicle you are free to make a claim. Try the best auto repair services at Citylocal pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we still see a crack in the car windshield after repair?

Yes, you will. Because crack is repaired to prevent it from further damage. After the car windshield repair, the clear resin in a small amount is injected into the crack to fill the crack to prevent further damages. A car windshield crack cannot be hidden until you make a complete replacement. A car windshield glass needs immediate repair otherwise the glass will expand or contract due to hot or cold temperate. There is no way to hide such cracks. If you want to see your windshield flawless, then it's better to replace it.

How big of a crack can be repaired on a car windshield?

Chips smaller than a quarter and cracks up to 3 inches long can easily be repaired. However, it also depends on the type of crack on your car windshield. Before making a repair or replacement, the size is the important factor that needs to be considered. Sizes also vary according to the location of the damage and the contractor’s ability. However, advanced technologies are consistently working to increase the ability to repair the larger car windshield cracks. The size of the crack is also directly related to the depth of the crack as it will help to understand the damage intensity to make a repair or replacement decision.

Does auto glass repair affect no claims?

Typically, in a non-collision case, filling out a claim for glass replacement or repair will not count against you. As a matter of fact, numerous insurance companies encourage you to sign a "glass-only claim". To find out your specific claim policies, always consult with your agent or insurance company.