What Does A Locksmith Do?

    Locksmith duties

    The simple job description of a locksmith is that he is an expert professional who possesses the necessary skill to cater to all types of security measures on either commercial or residential properties and/or automobiles. 

    A major chunk of citizens become familiar with the job of a locksmith when they find themselves in an emergency such as a car lockout, or misplaced keys, or a broken key inside the lock. In addition to the basic lock and key issues, locksmith’s duties are diverse in nature. 

    Many people are under the misconception that a locksmith is a person to call only when one is locked out of their apartment. 

    However, the answer to who is a locksmith question is much more advanced and rich. Let’s dig into everything that a locksmith can do. Perhaps you will get some ideas on how to become a locksmith. 

    Here is everything a locksmith can do!

    In addition to helping you enter a locked car or an apartment, there are multiple things that a locksmith can do. Let’s take a look at the entire job description of a locksmith:

    1. They can perform key cutting 

    Cutting various keys is a major part of a locksmith’s job. It is a skill that takes years to develop and can only be done by licensed professionals approved by the relevant authorities. 

    A professional locksmith can cut keys for all types of doors such as for a garage door, the main gate of a home, to access padlock, etc. Key cutting can be done through the following methods?

    1. Special cutting of security keys
    2. The restricted key cutting
    3. Cutting keys via machine 
    4. Cutting keys through hand 

    2. Repair, Replacement, & Installation of Window Locks 

    One main reason why homeowners hire locksmiths is for their domestic window locks whether for new installation or repairing of the old one.  

    An experienced locksmith diagnoses the issue and then decides whether the lock needs repairing or complete replacement. Good locksmiths should be able to repair, fix, or replace a broken window lock in no more than half an hour. 

    So, now you know that it is not only the doors that need to be locked but the windows as well. After all, windows can provide intruders a way to gain entry into your home. What is the point of locking your doors when your windows pose an equal threat?


    3. Accessing, Repairing, & Installing the Security Safes or Vaults

    If you wish to keep safes or vaults in your home or a commercial building, then make sure you get it made from a professional locksmith. Yes, the installation of safes is another duty that locksmiths perform. This job description includes:

    • Accessing locked safes or vaults even the digitally operated ones 
    • Repairing the broken or malfunctioning safes 
    • Installation of new safes 
    • Safely relocating commercial-sized safes and vaults 

    4.  Locks & Keys of Automobiles & Vehicles

    Many locksmiths specialize in automobile locks and keys. They can design, access, rekey, replace any car’s locks in no time. The job description of an automobile locksmith includes the following duties:

    • Duplication of the car keys 
    • Repairing the broken keys inside the lock 
    • Reprogramming the digital locks of the cars 
    • Rekeying the car’s locks 
    • Designing locks of automobiles through the manufacturer

    5. Expertise in Access Control Systems

    Certain locksmiths have the expertise to manufacture, install, and configure all types of technical, digital, and electronic alarm systems or access control systems. 

    You may be wondering what an access control system is? It is a system that lets big giant firms gain control over who is entering or exiting their building or who has the permission to access it in order to keep the intruders and unwanted people at bay from the company’s sensitive information. 

    And credible locksmiths offer these services not only for commercial or business properties but they can design and install the same access control system on a  residential level as well. Isn’t that amazing?

    6. The 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services 

    Let’s say you come back home late from work or a party in the middle of the night only to find that you have forgotten or misplaced your apartment’s keys with no spare to rely on? What would you do? Call 911 or an emergency locksmith service? Of course, the emergency locksmith is a better and more reliable option. 

    Locksmiths do offer emergency services that include: 

    • Helping clients in odd hours 
    • Repairs during a burglary 
    • Rekeying the locks in case of misplaced keys
    • Remaking the key, which brings us to our next point

    7. Rekeying & Key Replacement 

    The main service that any locksmith should be able to provide is of rekeying and replacing the keys both on a residential and commercial level. They must have the necessary skill to copy any type of key. 

    So, when a homeowner is moving to a new apartment, buying a used car, or renting a place from any landlord, it is smart to rekey all the locks in case the previous owners have a copy. You do not want to take any kind of risk.

    Also, if the original key to any place is misplaced or stolen without any spare to rely on, a good locksmith should be able to manufacture a new one in no time. 

    However, you need to check with your hired locksmith whether he provides any such service or not. There is special equipment and technique required to manufacture keys just from the lock or keyhole without any spare as a reference. 

    For the cars, the car manufacturer should be able to rekey or replace your vehicle’s keys and they do that with the help of their registered locksmith. Or you can privately hire one. 

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