Top New Roofing Equipment Every Roofer Should Have in 2020

    Top New Roofing Equipment Every Roofer Should Have in 2020

    Let’s face it-roofing issues are a nuisance but what’s more painful is having to find a reliable contractor for it. But what if you’ve found someone that seems reliable doesn’t have that spark in their work that you want?

    Stress not because CityLocal Pro is here with an updated list of the latest tools that every roofing company should own. We all know the importance of innovation, and that’s why roofers should innovate in their procedures.

    Let’s get into this list of equipment that every roofer should have, which you can evaluate their quality of work with:

    1.     Hitachi (Metabo) Roofing Nailer

    Nothing beats flawlessness, and what else do you expect from a roofer that promises a compelling finesse. Trending in our list is Hitachi NV45AB2 roofing nailer.

    What’s special about it is its well-balanced functionality and durability that makes it easy to use it. It’s perfect for DIY-ers!

    2.     ROL-AIR Air Compressor

    Specially made for large scale roofing projects, the ROL-AIR air compressor 8422HK30 is the best choice any roofer can make for swift and efficient services.

    It comes with a fuel-efficient Honda engine, ensuring efficiency with high CFM and reliability in PSI.

    3.     Tajima Snap Line

    Probably your best partner when you need a rugged snap line while shingling the roof. The rugged Tajima CR301JF Chalk-Rite is a roofer’s companion that will ensure alignment.

    As a client, you can ask your roofer regarding their alignment method, and hearing about this, you can be sure of quality services.

    4.     DEWALT Metal Cutter

    CityLocal Pro compiled a list of additional accessories that every roofing brand should have and found this gem. A fabulous addition, perfectly made to cut corrugated metal sheets, shingles, vinyl sidings, and much more is the best choice, especially when a roofer needs aligned cutting without damaging the shingles.

    5.     Bully Tools Roofing Shovel

    The Bully Tools 91110 with a fiberglass handle is a must for every roofing brand. This rugged equipment has the capacity to remove multiple shingle layers in an instant, making the process easier and less time-consuming.

    It’s easy to maneuver fiberglass handle is tried and tested to resist the intensity of the job.

    6.     The All-in-one AJC Roofing Hatchet

    Your roofer isn’t good if it doesn’t carry a hammer, especially this one. The all-in-one AJC Magnet Roofing Hatchet comes with built-in utility blades, sliding gauge, and a nail claw that speeds up nail removing and shingle tearing work. Easiness with maximum utility is what it promises.

    7.     AMSTON Safety Hard Hats

    Nothing is more important than the safety of oneself. Workplace injuries can occur at any time, and your roofer should be competent enough to fulfill the safety requirements.

    That’s why the OSHA approved AMSTON safety hard hat is the next addition for safe and sound workability.

    Ideal for summers with its ‘Keep Cool’ vents, every roofing brand should have this must.

    8.     Guardian Bucket of Safe Tie

    Another eye-catching tool that CityLocal Pro deemed worthy to be on the list is the Guardian fall protection bucket of a safe tie.

    It comes with a universal harness, lanyard, rope clamps, and other essential safe tie tools that ensure the safety of a roofer during their work.

    What’s appealing is that it is OSHA approved, and any brand the claims to be professional, should have it in their tool list.


    There are several factors that determine the professionalism of any roofing brand for making your home architecture more elegant. However, when a company has the latest tools, they ensure proficiency during their work. Get your roofing done before the next rainy season hits up!

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