Tips For Tile Floor Cleaning That Will Make Your Flooring Look New!

    Tips For Tile Floor Cleaning That Will Make Your Flooring Look New!

    The feeling of entering a neat and clean house is unbeatable! It not only washes away your tiredness but also rejuvenate you! Especially if you have tile flooring. Cleaning tiles no doubt is a daunting task and requires regular maintenance. If you spot hazy film of dirt, grime or grease on your kitchen or bathroom tiles then it is a strong indicator that it entails vigorous scrubbing and cleaning.

    While tile floors not only good but are extremely durable, they need to be taken care of in a special way. Tile floor cleaning is a daunting task and should be left to experts as they know how to clean it to make it look like new without stripping its finish and gloss.

    However, if you want to clean your house tiles yourself, then follow these amazing tips and get spotless clean, shiny tiles in no time.

    Tip#1: Keep Your Floors Dry

    It is imperative to keep your floors dry all the time. Even if you spill water on it by mistake, wipe it away immediately as even simple water can attract dirt, dust or grime and can get embed in your floors. So dry your floors immediately when you spill some liquid on it.

    Tip#2: Vacuum

    One of the best ways to remove dirt or grime from your expensive tile floors is to vacuum it regularly. By vacuuming to regular, you will be able to stop dirt from getting embedded into your floors by your family members or other people walking on them.

    Moreover, if you have pets like dog or cat, you know their hair just floats around on hard surfaces, regular vacuuming will undoubtedly help to keep those pet hair at bay.

    Tip#3: Place Rugs or Mat

    In order to save your tiles from getting stained and dirty, placemats or rugs in high traffic area in your home. As they will help prevent wear and tear of your designer tiles from foot traffic.

    For instance, if you have tile in youth entryway or foyer, add a small Persian or oriental rub to protect the tile inside the door.

    Also, it is highly advised to add rugs in your kitchen especially in front of the sink, to help keep water splashes from soaking into your tiles.

    Tip#4: Seal Your Grout

    For tile and grout cleaning, it is vital that you seal your grout. As you are aware of the fact that grout is porous, it tends to absorb spills, dirt, dust or grime. By getting your grout seal, a protective barrier forms on top of your grout to keep it from absorbing liquids and becoming faded, worn out or discolored.

    If you have permanent discoloration on your tiles then apply color sealant in order to give your grout a uniform, balanced color and to hide discoloration.

    Tip#5: Hire Professional Cleaners

    Undoubtedly, the best way to get your house tiles and grout clean is to hire professional cleaning experts. They not only have knowledge, expertise, training and years of experience in cleaning different types of tiles but also have special tools and gears to wipe out stubborn stains and dirt from your floors.

    These experts know what type of treatment your tiles entail in order to clean it properly and thoroughly. Also, they use environmental cleaning solutions that are not harmful to your family members or pets.

    Tip#6: Rinse With Water

    Always rinse your tile for one last time with cleans water to remove any cleaning residue or solution once you finish mopping or sweeping. The same technique goes for spills. If your child by mistake spilled pomegranate juice on your floors, wipe it up and use a damp rag to wipe the area again to ensure nothing gets grounded into your tile.

    Tip#7: Furniture

    If you have heavy furniture in your house then little pads to the bottom to help them slid around faith scratching your floors as when your tile gets scratched, dirt can easily get stuck in it.

    Final Word

    Get your house tiles sparkly clean in no time by employing these useful tips.

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