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Miami, Florida, United States

Urgent Locksmith is an independently owned and operated locksmith company based out of Miami Dade county. When you call us, 24/7 locksmith you are directly connected to the owner and sole operator.Call a locksmith on those occasions when you require quick emergency service. If you find yourself in the unfortunate scenario of being locked out of your vehicles, office, or home, professional technicians can alleviate your problem without causing damage. It’s usually easier to call a Urgent locksmith than to leave a car somewhere while you inconvenience a passerby, friend or relative to drive you around. This fact is especially true during off-hours when nobody’s around.

User Reviews (2)
Michele Thompson

You know what's the worst when you move to a new apartment but forget to take keys to the office. The same scenario happened with me, got locked up outside my new apartment. My neighbour suggested me to contact you and thanks to you writing this feedback sitting in my home. Great job!


Harry Morgan

I am so happy to hire you. Hiring you was solely my decision and I am happy that it turned up to be right. Their response to call, their cost policy, and work everything was up to the mark. surely, going to hire you again. Try them guys you won’t regret it.


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