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Upkeep Locksmith Services, Inc.


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22330 S Sterling Blvd A128, Sterling, Virginia, United States

UpKeep Locksmith provides efficient and reliable locksmith services in VA, MD, and D.C at competitive rates. Searching for emergency locksmiths will provide you millions of listings but what really matters is whether those locksmiths are trustworthy or not. Most of the time searching for locksmiths is easy but dealing with them is really difficult. We handle every single job with care and attention to ensure our customers get 100% satisfaction.

User Reviews (2)
Ann Bess

I would recommend Upkeep Locksmith Services, Inc. to anyone looking for locksmith services in Sterling VA. I had a great experience with them when they unlocked my home for me after I lost my key. The locksmith they sent was extremely professional, courteous, and experienced. Within a few minutes, he opened my home and made a new key for me to use.


James Fleming

My experience with Upkeep Locksmith Services, Inc. was extremely good. After calling them and telling them about my predicament, their locksmiths came to my location in a few minutes. Subsequently, he unlocked my home in a few minutes; and charged a small amount for it. Certainly, Upkeep Locksmith Services, Inc. is one of the best locksmith services in Sterling VA.


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