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  Solar Panel Installation
Parkland, Florida, United States

Let us assist you with procurement, planning, bids, and development of your projects. We work on projects of all sizes internationally. We provide advantageous pricing to our Distributor Partners, solar installers, contractors, B2B sales, and retailers.

We proudly offer our services to those who are just entering the Solar Energy Industry. #DoingANewThing #SpreadLove #BLM

User Reviews (2)
Karen J. Yancey

I needed to install solar panels in my house as I was tired of the power cuts. I searched for some top solar panel installation companies in Parkland FL but was confused. A neighbor who just installed the panels recommended The Sol Patch to me. I hired them and was amazed to see their professionalism. 5 stars!


Lisa J. Metzler

I was hoping to get a solar system estimate so I can have an idea about how much money would I be needing for a solar system installation. I hired The Sol Patch, and they quoted me the closest estimates for an installation. I am planning to hire them for the installation as well. Highly recommended!


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